Micro-USB Rechargeable AA/AAA Batteries Lightors Quickly Gains Funds Through Kickstarter

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South Korean-based, Lightors, recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds for its self-titled micro-USB rechargeable aa/aaa batteries.

Lightors 3The company noted that the batteries are simple, easy to use, and good for the environment, which gives plenty of reason for enthusiastic users to back this project. With its first of potentially many more products, Lightors aims to provide innovative sustainable products that will help shape the world and how it can reduce waste.

Lightors’ features include:

  • Eco: No longer dispose of used batteries
  • Safe: No data transfer between objects just charging
  • Low Price: Cheaper than purchasing 500 standard batteries
  • Smart: Designed to be strong and long fasting
  • Useful: Easy to use
  • Innovation: Revolutionary new battery

Lightors 1The concept of rechargeable batteries has been around for decades, but these come with bulky cradles that would hold a handful of batteries at once and allow simultaneous recharging. This cradle also needed to be carried around when on travel to make sure devices were well powered while away from home.

Technology has advanced much since then and in today’s market, there are even AA/AAA batteries that can be charged using a standard USB port. However, the USB plug will take up quite an amount of space thus reducing the battery capacity as well as structural integrity since the top of the battery must be removed in order to plug the battery into a USB port for charging.

Lightors 2This is where Lightors comes into play. The batteries offers an innovative alternative to rechargeable batteries without the fuss of using an external charging cradle. Much of today’s mobile devices use micro-USB as a standard for charging, but these cables are usually reserved for charging a single device. Lightors brings new use for your existing micro-USB cables and were designed to offer maximum battery capacity while being eco-friendly and re-usable. With its built-in micro-USB port, Lightors can be charged directly using any existing cable around your home or office (it comes with one too).

Lightors can be charged over 500 times and will drastically reduce costs on purchasing additional batteries and reduce the amount of waste that gets created from throwing out traditional batteries. When the power runs out, simply plug them back in and a light will indicate that charging is complete.

Lightors 5The Environmental News Network reported that annual global consumption of batteries is at a staggering 10 billion, in which the U.S. makes up 3 million alone. Of the total number of batteries, approximately only 2% (200,000) get disposed of properly while the remaining 9.8 billion are thrown out, contributing to contamination of the environment. Using Lightors batteries could potentially reduce annual battery consumption from 10 billion to 20 million thanks to the number of charges that the batteries can take.

Since its launch on Friday (February 13th), Lightors’ campaign has surpassed its initial $15,000 and has so far raised over $23,000 from nearly 415 backers. It is set to close on March 14th.


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