Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform Acquire Creates Unique Avenue to Seek Liquidity for Investors

Acquire Real Estate has created an exchange that offers investors a tool to put their equity interests up for re-sale, affording them possible liquidity with what are traditionally long term, illiquid investments.

Acquire Real Estate LogoSteven Bettinger, CEO of Acquire, stated:

“The Acquire Exchange addresses the biggest concern that any real estate investor has: the issue of illiquidity. With our new exchange, we hope to help alleviate that concern.”

Acquire has joined the growing momentum behind crowd investing, a variation of typical crowdfunding, with the only platform founded completely by real estate executives. With this groundbreaking platform that opens up institutional-quality real estate investments to accredited investors, Acquire has launched proprietary technology that allows the exchange process to unfold quickly, efficiently and without the inconveniences usually associated with such transfers of assets.

Bettinger explained:

Steven Bettinger“We cultivate relationships with some of the best sponsors in the country, and subject each of our deals to a rigorous due diligence with our panel of experts. But we know that despite the quality of any deal, some investors may experience unforeseen life events that create a need for liquidity.”

Federal law generally requires that privately placed investments not be purchased with a view to a distribution. That usually means the investment must be held for at least a year. But after the one-year period or in certain special instances, such as a sudden financial hardship, there is no market that enables the investor liquidity. The Acquire Exchange provides the opportunity for liquidity among the “Acquire Crowd,” the Acquire registered users. The liquidity, of course, is dependent on the successful sale of the investment through the auction.

If an investor, for instance, requires liquidity the investor can use the exchange to put all or part of an Acquire investment up for sale to the Acquire Crowd, through a live, blind auction. They specify the terms, including the start and end times, provide certain current information concerning the investment and the Acquire Crowd does the rest by bidding or not bidding based on the terms proposed. Thus, the liquidity is entirely dependent on the successful sale through the auction process.

Bettinger added:

Houston Real Estate“We have developed an exchange that not only allows investors to seek liquidity, but to do so through our in-house technology that automates the entire process. That means a seamless coordination of the online transfer process for both the buyer and seller to replace what has previously been a manual, time-intensive transaction. All investors need to do is simply review the documents and sign in several places to effect the transfer, and they can potentially complete the sale in a timely and efficient manner.”

The Acquire Exchange is being made available only to the Acquire Crowd to improve their overall experience. Acquire receives no compensation and does not buy, sell, value, advise or recommend any investment offered for sale on the Acquire Exchange. The entire transaction takes place between the seller and the Acquire Crowd, using the Acquire Exchange as a tool to facilitate the process.

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