Unibody 3D Printer Tiko Secures $2.8M During the Final Days on Kickstarter

With less than 24 hours until its Kickstarter campaign comes to an end, New York-based startup Tiko has captured over $2.8 million for its unibody 3D printer.

Tiko 1The unibody 3D printer was designed to be high in quality and easy to use. Unlike other 3D printers, which are bulky, difficult to assemble and may easily be damaged, the Tiko is unibody, meaning the whole frame is one piece, easy to manufacture and virtually impossible to misalign. All for the price of $179.

Tiko’s features include:

  • Enclosed printer chamber: all prints are isolated from the outside environment making the results strong and consistent.
  • Larger sized printer: Tiko has a slender unibody frame, delta mechanism, and ultra-compact liquefier/end-effector that enables the printer to print objects larger.
  • Flexible: Users are able to easily remove larger objects from the printer due to the print bed being flexible.
  • Non-proprietary: Uses non-proprietary 1.75mm filament on a standard 1kg 165mm (6.5in.) diameter spool.
  • Wireless: Printer can easily connect to the cloud and users can bring virtually anywhere, even from smartphones.

Sharing their thoughts about the campaign’s final days and the future of the 3D printer, the creators announced:

Tiko 5“It’s been a pretty spectacular month, and in the last couple of weeks we’ve managed to get a solid head start and have made some great progress. Now that the campaign is wrapping up, we are preparing ourselves physically and mentally for the intense half-year we have ahead of us. Just take a look at this small segment of our project plan. It’s going to be madness – the good kind!


“It won’t be a walk in the park, but thanks to the amazing response we’ve received from the community, we’ve even started finding some really great people to join our team. Some of them will help us get started on torture-testing Tiko to ensure it’s built to last. Others will be pushing the boundaries of Tiko’s performance, making it faster and smarter. At the end of the day we told you that every dollar of this campaign would in some way make for a better Tiko, and right now things are looking better than ever.”

Clearly the air of any possibility of “pre-orders,” the Tiko team explained:

Tiko 2“We’ve received a great number of questions regarding what will happen after the campaign. Will there be pre-orders? Will the price go up? When will pre-order Tikos be delivered? These are very good questions.


“We gave it a great deal of thought, and we’ve come to the conclusion that we will not be taking pre-orders after the campaign. We always welcome emails from distributors and institutions who wish to make plans for 2016, however actually organizing and dealing with thousands of individual pre-orders is something that at this point would only distract us from delivery (and by extension, bringing Tiko to market).


“Newcomers will be able to sign-up to our mailing list through our website, and will receive a notification when we begin taking pre-orders, but this won’t be until the first batch of printers has been delivered.


Tiko 4“To our backers, you are our #1 priority right now, rest assured of that! To those on the fence, if you want your Tiko then now is the time to pick one up!”

The Tiko crew also revealed that they will be making an appearance in Toronto next week during OCE Discovery alongside the Spark Center. Those looking to purchase their 3D printer have until tomorrow afternoon to fund the project.

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