Film Crowdfunding on Kickstarter Quietly Slips to 4th Place in Total Dollars Raised

Kristen Bell as Veronica MarsKickstarter has successfully crowdfunded over $1.62 billion for over 90,000 successfully funded projects. The Kickstarter name has become synonymous with rewards based crowdfunding. The platform continues to evolve and adapt with the changing internet funding space but is now broadly viewed as a viable method to prove a product or service and quickly raise funds.

Crowdfunding film projects has not only captured the imagination of filmmakers – it has financed some pretty cool films. About this time last year Film & Video on Kickstarter was the 2nd hottest category in successfully funded dollars having topped $200 million. The Games category has always held the top spot but Film & Video had been in the running.  Today Film & Video has declined to 4th place in total funds being pushed behind Design & Tech.

The ranking as it stands now:


Successful Dollars (in Millions)

Launched Projects

Success Rate













Film & Video




Film and crowdfunding generated tons of headlines when big name films like Veronica Mars and Zach Braff’s ‘Wish I Was Here’ decided to dodge the studio and raise funding directly from fans. Since that time few big name films have successfully raised funding on Kickstarter. Now this does not mean film and video is not a hot sector. In regards to launched projects Film & Video is still number one having launched almost 50,000 projects.  The next closest category is Music at over 40,000. Game projects are less than half that number.

Film on KickstarterFor now, there appears to be shift to smaller, independent film projects that few studios have the time to review.  Today there are almost 800 live film & video projects – just behind Tech for live projects. Kickstarter continues to be a strong proponent of independent films with their annual Film Fest and the curated iTunes page.

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