Rooster Teeth’s New Game “Million Dollars, But…” Smashes $10,000 Goal Just Minutes After Kickstarter Launch

Rooster Teeth, the company behind Indiegogo-success, Lazer Teamlaunched a Kickstarter initiative for its new card game, Million Dollars, But… yesterday. Not even five minutes after its debut, the campaign successfully surpassed its initial $10,000 goal and has captured nearly $575,000 from over 12,000 backers.

A Million Dollars, But 1Million Dollars, But… is described as a game that puts the player’s morals and imagination to test by posing the common question, “What would you do with a million dollars?” Each player creates scenarios with a Trigger and Rule card to reveal what he or she would or wouldn’t do for the big sum of ash. All players then debate which scenario is the best.

Set up for the game is fairly simple: each player holds four Trigger and 4 gold Rule cards. They are then to pick a judge to determine which scenario is the best. Once the scenarios are given to the judge, he or she will read them out loud to the group. All players will then attempt to “glorify or downplay” each scenario. The judge then picks the scenario they would not do for a million dollars. First player to have five best scenarios wins.

Rooster Teeth revealed that the game idea was part of the Million Dollars, But show, which was genuinely created overnight. Brian Reilly, Associate Producer for Rooster Teeth Games, was intercepted by Burnie Burns, Rooster Teeth’s Chief Creative Officer about the game and simply stated, “Oh yeah, totally. No brainer! I bet we could mix this and that mechanic and mimic the show pretty easily.” Within less than 24 hours, next day there was a prototype with about 80 cards. The games team pitched their prototype to the cast and crew of Million Dollars, But… and with that plans were made to launch a crowdfunding campaign.

Those who back the project can receive various rewards, including:

  • A Million Dollars, But 2Core Deck $25: Basic desk of the game.
  • Expansion Deck $35: Includes the core deck with expansion set.
  • Challenge Coin Level $75: Box set with expansion deck and Challenge Coin
  • RTX Level $100: Tickets to the RTX Event in Austin Texas this summer where backers can pick up their decks on site.
  • Collector’s Edition Level $150: Includes expansion deck, challenge coin, and three signed cards.
  • Be an MDB Extra $2,500: Includes core box and expansion set, and an extra in an episode of the card game’s show (which will be filmed in Austin, TX)

A Million Dollars, But 3

Most of the rewards will be delivered this summer (the extras will be filmed next winter). Million Dollars, But… Kickstarter is set to close on June 10th.


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