There are Now 29 FINRA Regulated Reg CF Crowdfunding Portals

The number of FINRA approved and regulated crowdfunding portals has been inching higher. Today, there are 29 different Reg CF crowdfunding platforms each targeting the new securities exemption created under the JOBS Act 0f 2012. At the beginning of 2017, that number stood at 22 approved Reg CF platforms with a single entity, Ufundingportal losing it license after FINRA took action after it determined there was significant potential for fraud emanating from the site.

About a year ago, there was less than have this number so interest in launching a Reg CF platform has remained fairly robust.

Some interesting new additions to the list include “Good Capital Ventures” based in Massillon, Ohio. According to the SEC filing, Good Capital Ventures was founded by Justin Jeffrey Gantz who is an architect by education. The site is apparently not yet live.

EquityBender, based in Newport Beach, California, is another new platform. Their website indicates their team has experience in raising more than $250 million for early stage and growth companies in the past years.

Sprowtt Crowdfunding in Tampa, Florida, was founded by Mark Robert Jones. Affiliated with Sprowtt Services, Jones is said to have been “asked to actively participate in crafting the JOBS Act, including the equity crowdfunding laws and regulations.”

Title3Funds, operated by Fundivations, is another new addition. Based in Irving, California, this platform was founded by Ronald Hirsch.

To date, over $36.6 million has been successfully raised for Reg CF issuers. The top four platforms lead the way:

  • Wefunder – $20.4 million
  • StartEngine – $7.9 million
  • Indiegogo (Microventures) – $3.2 million
  • NextSeed – $2.8 million

While this sector of crowdfunding is in its infancy questions remain as to whether it can scale fast enough to support the swelling number of platforms. If Congress acts and improves the exemption as all industry followers expect, the dynamics could change for the better, improving opportunities for small companies and funding portals alike.

The current list of FINRA approved Reg CF crowdfunding portals is below:

  1. CrowdBoarders
  3. DreamFunded Marketplace, LLC
  4. EquityBender LLC
  5. First Democracy VC (Indiegogo / Microventures)
  6. FlashFunders Funding Portal, LLC
  7. Funding Wonder Crowd, LLC
  8. Fundpaas Inc.
  9. Good Capital Ventures
  10. Gridshare LLC
  11. GrowthFountain Capital, LLC
  12. Indie Crowd Funder, LLC.
  13. Jumpstart Micro, Inc
  14. Ksdaq Inc. (Mr. Crowd)
  15. MinnowCFunding LLC
  16. Neighbor Capital
  17. Net Capital Funding Portal, Inc.
  18. NextSeed US LLC
  19. NSSC Funding Portal, LLC (Small Change)
  20. OpenDeal Inc. (Republic)
  21. Razitall
  22. SI Portal, LLC
  23. Sprowtt Crowdfunding Inc.
  24. StartEngine Capital LLC
  25. StartWise, Inc.
  27. Trucrowd Inc. (Also Fundanna)
  28. Venture Capital 500, LLC
  29. Wefunder Portal LLC
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