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Move, a new digital supermarket that just launch this year, internationally sources groceries and ships them under its own brand. By taking out the middlemen and the markup, we’re making incredible groceries available to everyone. In the last two years, Move has built a nationwide supply chain of artisans to fortify its online shopping experience to tap into the $700 Billion supermarket industry. Move has tapped Wefunder investors to help the online grocer realize its mission to find the best household staples and make them accessible to everyone. At this writing, over 160 investors have pledged more than $112K toward Move’s $1,070,000 maximum target goal.

Helmed by CEO Chai Mishra, Move has received $1.65M in funding from SF 49ers, Joe Montana, Matt Bellamy, Fundersclub and 25 others. The Y Combinator Alum (W17) has had a successful beta with over $200K in organic sales. Hitting all 50 states, Move started with grocery with the plan to grow its business to include cleaning, toiletries, pharmacy and liquor. The startup aims to be green with “thoughtful ethical” designs, packaging and supply chains.

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Move sees three critical issues with the traditional supermarket model, economics, experience and ethics.:

“We call these issues the three Es. First is economics. Most of the money you spend at a supermarket does not go to the food. About 85%, of what you spend at a supermarket goes to middlemen, marketing, and markups. The average family spends about $120 per week on groceries, so $108 of that goes to running the store and the middlemen along the way, and $12 actually goes to the farmers,” explained the Move team on Wefunder. “Second is experience…. Shopping for groceries is not a pleasant experience. At this point, we’re all buying almost everything online, with the exception of food. Groceries are the largest consumer sector in the world and they’re still almost entirely offline… The third problem is with ethics. Supermarkets act like funnels in the food value chain. We take all of the good food in the economy and drive it into tiny pockets like San Francisco and New York. In those pockets, there’s a massive surplus of food, and about a third of the food in supermarkets gets thrown out every day. At the same time, go over to a city like Oakland, or many of the rural or suburban areas in America, and they’re food deserts, with a giant deficit of quality food. About a third of the U.S. population lives in areas which have no supermarkets for five miles in any direction.”

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Move’s primary customer is young, female and urban, usually living in one of the ten big cities, including San Francisco, New York, and L.A, making usually above $75,000 a year and living in the cities. The platform’s secondary customer is an older female, aged between 35 and 60, suburban or rural based who live in areas a three hours’ drive Whole Foods. The young urban male follows third.

How does Move set itself apart from competitors?

“…For other supermarkets, it’s about how we get it to people and who cares what the product is. You’re not going to find finger limes on Instacart or at Safeway. You have to have a food expert go out and find it for you, and that’s what we do. Half of our team are chefs, and the other half are supply chain people. So, that’s the kind of thing that we can do, and it can be affordable. It’s not going to cost much more than a regular lime. That’s really the most meaningful thing — that we can hold onto both poles. We can stick to quality and we don’t have to give up affordability.”

Currently the online store will open with 100 products this Summer, with the goal of adding new products every week. Within this year, Move plans to hit the 250 milestone with the goal of ultimately offering 1,000 artisanal products. At this writing, membership could be reserved and products were not yet available for purchase until summer.

For more details and campaign updates, click here. Other live campaigns on Wefunder include MisterB&B, Chattanooga Football Club and Como Audio.

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