Patrick Byrne Goes on Fox News Making Serious Allegations Against Former Obama Administration Officials

Former Overstock (NASDAQ:OSTK) CEO Patrick Byrne was visiting with the studios of Fox News today following his abrupt resignation earlier today from the company he founded.

Byrne is widely recognized as a pioneer in the blockchain sector having launched several companies, including tZero, targeting the issuance of digital assets/security tokens.

Byrne, interviewed on The Story with Martha MacCallum, went on the air making serious allegations against former Obama Administration officials. The entire proceedings were shocking.

Byrne explained that he has been troubled by the chain of events and he recently spoke to long-time family friend Warren Buffett for advice – who told him to come forward.

“All Political Espionage”

In recent days, Byrne has made statements regarding a relationship he had with a “Russian agent,” Maria Butina, who is currently in a minimum-security prison in Florida. These “Deep State” comments resulted in Byrne’s resignation.

During the interview with MacCallum, Byrne provided additional details regarding his claims involving the “men in black” and other members of the federal government.

In the somewhat disjointed interview, Byrne said he had taken orders from Peter Strzok, a former FBI official who was Chief of the Counterespionage Section who was ejected from the Mueller investigation into Russian collusion. Strzok was removed from the investigation when it surfaced that he was found to be criticizing Donald Trump in private texts with FBI lawyer Lisa Page.

Byrne said he has been sitting on things until rule of law was restored and that took place when Bill Barr (current US Attorney General) took over.

Byrne claims that he was part of a ploy to set up Hillary Clinton for blackmail.

Byrne also claims that senior members of the Obama administration were somehow involved.

Apparently, Byrne has been communicating with the US Department of Justice.

Twitter, of course, responded.

Most certainly, this will not be the end of the story as it is developing.

Watch the video below.

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