Real Estate Security Tokens (RESTs) Continue to Acquire Market Share: Report

The emerging Real Estate Security Token (REST) ecosystem has been experiencing steady growth and development this year.

Three new real estate properties were listed on RealT, a tokenization platform, last month. Real estate token trading reportedly doubled in March 2020 (when compared to the previous month).

RESTs currently account for almost half of the world’s active security token markets, and roughly 15% of their total trading volume.

Earlier this year, security tokens representing fractionalized ownership in three real estate properties based in Detroit, Michigan recorded around $19,950 in monthly trading volume (in January 2020).

The blockchain-based tokens represent fractionalized ownership of the property’s rental income.

Tokens issued for a property on Fullerton St. accounted for over 50% of trading with $11,150 in total volume. A real estate property located on Marlowe St. saw $7,057 worth of tokenized trading.

Meanwhile, a rental property on Audubon St. produced $1,743 worth of token trading volume. These three properties accounted for about 0.3% of all security token trades.

The month of February 2020 witnessed the three properties’ combined trading volume surge by 25% to $24,393. The Fullerton St. property tokens saw a 20% increase in trades. Audubon’s monthly token trading volume increased by 100% during this same time period.

There was a 70% spike in trading volume for all tokenized securities. This led to real estate security tokens accounting for 7.5% of the virtual securities market, which was valued at  $329,000 in February 2020.

Three active REST markets went live on RealT last month. This led to a 100% increase in monthly security token trading (valued at $47,584).

Active markets for real estate rentals on Applione, Leisure, and Patton streets accounted for $24,590 in trades. Properties located on Audubon, Fullerton, and Marlowe streets generated $22,994 worth of trades.

The tokenized security activity seems to have reached its peak in March 2020.

RESTs’ share of total security token trading volume increased to 14.5%.

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