“The Max Crowdfund platform offers a unique combination of blockchain security, traditional bricks and mortar investing, and emerging crowdfunding methods. It is rare for a blockchain technology to be so closely associated with the financial and banking world, but it is precisely bridging that gap that is our mission with this project.”

Also speaking about the platform’s approval, van Kekem, shared:

“It has been several years since we initiated the development of Max Crowdfund and obtaining the approval from the AFM was a long 10-month process due to the blockchain component, but we are extremely pleased that we can finally officially go live.”

Max Crowdfund further noted that within its platform, investors are shown their current account balance, portfolio status, and performance and will receive monthly, quarterly, and annual investment reports. Additional investments, as well as new deposits or withdrawals, may be made in seconds while in-depth investment portfolio performance and statistics are available to view.