Fintech Revolut Introduces Crypto “Earn and Learn” Education Courses

Revolut, the international financial “Super App” with over 18 million customers worldwide, is taking yet another solid step towards its goal of bringing clients the best financial products and services to manage their finances.

Revolut’s “Learn & Earn” courses have been developed to assist clients with increasing their knowledge of virtual currencies and related topics, such as blockchains/DLT networks, and the most widely-used tokens and decentralized protocols.

The educational courses are offered to Revolut clients, who may earn as much as $15 in DOT tokens by taking concise and easy-to-understand courses while also being able to clear the final quiz.

“Crypto Basics” is described as the first of two education courses and is designed to help with educating clients on what digital currencies are when compared to more traditional fiat money; the actual meaning of a “decentralized system”; cryptography-related concepts; the mechanics of blockchain/DLT; as well as the potential risks associated with cryptocurrency-related investments.

The second course is reportedly based on the multichain network Polkadot, and how it brings together multiple blockchains to form a part of Web3 – the “decentralized” Internet.

The course will reportedly make use of visual materials such as interactive cards and videos to share insights regarding Polkadot’s native DOT token, along with Polkadot’s use cases, Polkadot’s governance system, and the Polkadot “Relay Chain,” which is the main chain used by the Polkadot network that enables public blockchains to connect in a unified network.

Emil Urmashin, Crypto General Manager at Revolut, stated:

“There’s a huge appetite from our customers to learn more about cryptocurrencies. ‘Learn & Earn‘ will help them better understand the trends, risks and potential opportunities associated with Crypto. Our collaboration with Web3 Foundation on Polkadot, one of the most popular blockchain networks, will help customers become more familiar with crypto concepts.”

Revolut’s management said they intend to introduce additional courses to ‘Learn and Earn‘ in 2022 in order to enable more consumers to take more control of their finances and give them safe access to innovative tools and services.

Revolut Ltd, a Fintech firm launched in the UK, provides an extensive range of financial products via its financial superapp, and crypto is becoming a widely-used feature.

There are different ways to purchase and sell crypto-assets via Revolut.

Clients are able to set up a stop or limit order so they need not time the market, or use the Recurring Buy option to try to average out volatility. Clients may also roundup any spare change in a crypto of their preference.

Customers are able to invest in over 80 virtual currencies via Revolut, over 40 of which have been added since the start of 2022.

As part of its aim to be among the safest place to trade, use and learn about cryptocurrencies, Revolut claims it regularly communicates with clients that crypto tokens are really volatile assets and prices may fluctuate significantly.

Revolut says that it believes in broadening client access to crypto-assets and also acknowledges  that it might not be appropriate for all consumers, so the Fintech firm encourages its clients to thoroughly research the different digital currencies, as well as the associated risks and opportunities before purchasing them.

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