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Early Crowdfunding Investors in Monzo See 28X Return

The securities crowdfunding industry needs to do a better job of highlighting successes for investors as well as embracing the failures. Entrepreneurship generates enormous benefits for society, but investors backing these early-stage firms are taking on a lot of risk. Most startups fail, and some… Read More

Revolut Introduces Wealth Protection to Prevent Unauthorized Access to Client Savings

Revolut, the global fintech with over 8 million UK customers and 40 million globally, is  introducing Wealth Protection, which is described as an extra layer of in-app identity verification, designed to prevent thieves from accessing customer savings within the Revolut app. Wealth Protection will help… Read More

Revolut Introduces Fiat-to-Crypto On-Ramp to MetaMask Wallets

Digital bank Revolut has reportedly integrated with self-custody crypto wallet MetaMask, allowing clients to replenish their holdings with crypto-asset purchases via their Revolut accounts. According to the update, the integration offers a frictionless on-ramp for fiat-to-crypto purchases to the MetaMask Wallet, enhancing the process of… Read More

Revolut Introduces New Cryptocurrency Trading Platform for UK Retail Clients

Revolut has launched Revolut X, which is described as a standalone / independent cryptocurrency trading platform that’s offered to the Fintech firm’s UK retail clients. Revolut launched in the United Kingdom, providing fund transfers back in 2015 and started enabling users to purchase, hold and… Read More

Revolut Reportedly Expects to Increase Global Headcount by 40% in 2024

Revolut, the global Fintech with over 8 million UK customers and 40 million globally has today announced it expects to boost its global headcount by 40% in 2024. The announcement comes as Revolut reportedly “reaches 10,000 employees globally and continues to grow its workforce, all… Read More

Digital Bank Revolut Releases Financial Crime and Consumer Security Report

Revolut, the global financial app with more than 40 million customers worldwide, has  announced the release of its first Financial Crime and Consumer Security Report, containing exclusive scam and fraud insights. The report, based on extensive internal research and data analysis, “aims to shed light… Read More

Revolut Business to Assist Clients in Malta with Managing Finances

Revolut Business, the “borderless” financial super app for businesses, recently noted that they are focusing on markets in Malta. Revolut Business says they’re bringing clients the “one and only” platform they need to manage their business finances, so customers can: Exchange, send, and spend money… Read More

Revolut Introduces AI Feature to Protect Clients from Card Scams

Revolut, the UK’s fintech with more than 35 million customers worldwide, has recently announced the launch of an advanced scam detection feature to help protect customers from card scams. Revolut customers can now experience “an added layer of security protection, on top of the technology… Read More

Revolut Introduces Robo-Advisor Service in the EEA to Automate Investing

Revolut has launched Robo-Advisor service in the EEA, to automate investing tailored to customer needs. The new product is advantageous for those who “don’t have the time to actively invest, or have limited or no trading experience.” Revolut’s Robo-Advisor assigns “a portfolio taking into account… Read More

Revolut to Introduce Digital Assets Exchange, Expected to Include Tools for Professional Crypto Traders

Revolut is reportedly preparing to introduce a digital assets exchange that will aim to serve advanced or professional crypto traders. As widely reported, Revolut already provides standard cryptocurrency-focused services to around 30 million clients. The new crypto exchange will reportedly aim to provide competitive fees… Read More

Digital Bank Revolut to Offer eSIMs and Global Data Plans to UK Clients

Revolut, a digital bank/neobank with over 35 million customers worldwide and 8+ million in the United Kingdom, is offering eSIMs and global mobile data plans to its UK clients. Revolut eSIM enables clients to roam like a local user and stay connected without having to… Read More

Digital Bank Revolut and Sabre to Provide Benefits to Travel Agencies via Virtual Payments

Sabre Corporation (NASDAQ: SABR), a software and technology provider that powers the global travel industry, and Revolut, a global fintech company that offers banking services, announce the results of their partnership, which is “propelling the B2B payments process for travel agencies.” The two tech companies… Read More

Digital Bank Revolut to Offer Payment Technology to Aer Lingus Clients

Revolut, the global financial super app, has today announced a partnership to offer its Revolut Pay payment technology to Aer Lingus customers. Revolut Pay will enable customers of Ireland’s flag carrier “to pay at checkout with just one click.” Revolut’s 2.5 million Irish customers and… Read More

Fintech Analyst Explains Why Wise and Revolut Need to Take HSBC’s New Initiative Seriously

Dwayne Gefferie, a strategist helping payments companies with scaling operations, has commented on why he thinks UK Fintech Wise (LSE:WISE) and Revolut need to take HSBC‘s new initiative seriously. According to Gefferie, if HSBC‘s announcement of their new venture Zing teaches us anything, it is… Read More

Revolut Approved to Issue Home Loans

  Revolut, a top digital bank based in the UK but operating around the world, has been approved to offer home loans. According to Fintech Lithuania, Revolut will start offering mortgages across the European Economic Area, first in Lithuania. The group describes the approval as… Read More

Revolut Invests in Business Growth as Revenue Exceeds $1B in 2022, Expects to Reach $2B in 2023

Digital bank Revolut has shared some important financial updates. Revolut reveals that its revenue has reportedly “increased to $1.1bn (£923m) in 2022, up 45% from $786m (£638m) in 2021.” Revolut added almost 10m customers last year “with a 71% increase in deposits and 55% increase… Read More

Digital Bank Revolut Is Reportedly Expecting to Make $1.9 Billion in Revenue for 2023

Digital bank Revolut is reportedly expecting to make $1.9 billion in revenue for 2023, almost twice the $1 billion it made in the last 12 months. This, according to an update from Bloomberg. The Fintech firm’s monthly revenue has averaged around $158 million during H1… Read More

Digital Bank Revolut Clients Use Donations Feature to Raise £1M+ to Support Refugees via UK for UNHCR

Revolut, the financial global super app with over 35 million customers worldwide, has announced that its customers have raised over £1 million in order “to support refugees around the world through UK for UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency’s national partner for the UK.” The milestone… Read More

Revolut Appoints Entrepreneur and Tech Professional Dan Teodosiu to Group Board

Revolut, the financial global super app with over 35 million customers, has announced the appointment of Dan Teodosiu to the Board as a Non-Executive Director. Dan has over 30 years of experience “building and managing high-performing engineering and research teams, as well as scaling platforms… Read More

Revolut Head of Financial Crime Warns Consumers to Stay Vigilant Amidst Surging Fraud

Revolut Head of Financial Crime is warning consumers to “stay vigilant amidst surging frauds this sale season as e-commerce scams such as fake websites become increasingly sophisticated.” Revolut’s single use virtual disposable cards, which “protect shoppers’ card details so they are never shared with vendors,… Read More

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