ShapeShift Releases Improved Mobile App, Migrates Legacy Users

As most of their users might know, ShapeShift transitioned to a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) in July last year.

This has “proven to be an amazing journey, allowing us to offer so much more to [their] users, such as more options for buying, trading, investing, managing your assets, and the convenience of our new, open-source app.”

To move a step closer toward complete decentralization, the team had “to make sure everyone had the ability to experience the expanding DeFi universe from anywhere in the world.”

The new mobile app support and user migration greatly “expands the flexibility, mobility, and features users can access when interacting with the decentralized world while providing them with the sleek interface everybody loves.”

In addition to the new web and mobile app, the ShapeShift team is “migrating users from [their] legacy apps一i.e, and the former mobile app一to the new completely open-source web and mobile app.”

If you already have the ShapeShift app installed, then there’s no problem. To make this migration as easy for their legacy mobile users as possible, the team have “packaged all the functionality of into native iOS and Android apps.”

These are “available for download from the respective app stores.’ This also supports the broader efforts “to sunset ShapeShift’s legacy, centralized infrastructure that the old mobile app depended on.”

If an existing user opens up the new mobile app and is already logged in to the legacy mobile app on their device, “their keys should be automatically imported into the new version of the app, and they should see a special welcome screen announcing the update.”

When an existing user opens the new mobile app or and isn’t logged in, they should see two options: “Create Wallet” and “Import Wallet”. If the user selects “Import Wallet”, they will “see to either import a wallet via seed phrase or log in to their existing wallet with email and password.”

If they input their email and password, their encrypted seed is “retrieved from ShapeShift’s legacy servers, decrypted, and saved to the device’s secure storage.”

The “Log in with ShapeShift” option will “continue being displayed until all legacy ShapeShift infrastructure is sunset.”

Since releasing their open-source web app, all ShapeShift native wallet users “can import their legacy ShapeShift native wallet to by signing in via email and password.”

The most efficient way to back up your wallet is “to log in to the new and import your wallet.”

The legacy web app has “been sunsetted and will not be accessible going forward.” All users who visit the legacy web app, will now “be redirected to our open-source web app —”

As ShapeShift moves to fully decentralize its organization and products, they’re “migrating away from email and password login.”

This means the ability “to log into your wallet on former ShapeShift mobile app or on has been phased out entirely.” Therefore, to continue accessing your ShapeShift account, you must “back up your 12-word secret recovery phrase, following the instructions provided above or log in with your credentials in the new app.”

If you do not have an account with ShapeShift, you can simply “create a new ShapeShift wallet or connect via one of our many supported external wallets.”

The new mobile app currently “supports ShapeShift Native Wallet and WalletConnect with other major external wallets coming to the mobile app very soon.” In the meantime, users can access the web app if they wish “to connect via MetaMask, KeepKey or any other supported wallet.”

Springing off the driving momentum of recent chain and protocol integrations such as THORChain and Avalanche, the app is quickly “becoming the easiest way to interact with the Web3 ecosystem.”

The team continues “to position [themselves] as the best free app to buy, sell, earn, track, and trade assets while providing an innovative approach to user experience and transparency — whether on the go or in your home.”

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