LQwD Fintech Releases Update for Bitcoin (BTC) Lightning Network Platform

Lightning Network focused LQwD Fintech Corp. announced that it has released a new and updated version of lqwd.tech, the company’s proprietary, non-custodial Lightning Network Software as a Service platform (SaaS).

LQwD’s Lightning Network platform “makes it easier for institutions, businesses, and users, to integrate and use the Lightning Network.” The platform, which is highly scalable, “allows for millions of Bitcoin transactions to be made in seconds over the Lightning Network.”

CEO Shone Anstey said:

“We are very excited for the release of the updated version of our Lightning Network platform, lqwd.tech. We have learned a lot and made vast improvements to the platform and LQwD as a company has become a key player on the Lightning Network through its global routing nodes and our easy to use platform.”

The updated version of lqwd.tech has a new look and includes updated features, which enables users to:

  • Easily create and manage Lightning Network nodes.
  • Transact securely, privately, and near-instantaneously on the Lightning Network.
  • Create Lightning Network channels with effective routing.
  • Request and manage liquidity more efficiently.

The company has “deployed a portion of its Bitcoin holdings to maintain its 19 globally launched nodes and provide liquidity to the platform, thus enabling the Company to earn transaction fees on this rapidly growing global payment rail.”

Currently, LQwD’s global routing nodes “have forwarded over 123 thousand transactions totaling 250 Bitcoin.”

As noted in the update, the Lightning Network is “a solution to mass scaling the usage of Bitcoin for microtransactions globally, dramatically improving upon fees and instant settlement times.”

As mentioned in the announcement, LQwD is a Lightning Network Service Provider (LSP) focused on “developing payment infrastructure and solutions accelerating the global mega trend of Bitcoin adoption through the Lightning Network.”

The company’s mission is “to develop institutional grade services that support the Lightning Network and drive improved functionality, transaction capability, user adoption and utility and scaling Bitcoin.”

LQwD also “holds Bitcoin that is used as an operating asset establishing nodes and payment channels on the Lightning Network.”

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