Digital Bank Revolut, Fintech Upvest to Offer Fractional ETF, Stock Trading across Europe

Revolut and Upvest have partnered to offer fractional ETF and European stock trading across Europe.

Upvest are pleased to welcome Revolut and its end users to their community.

Offering ETFs and European stocks for the first time

Revolut and Upvest will “offer fractional ETF and European stock trading across Europe.”

The global financial super app is now able “to provide its end users with a broad range of investment choices via Upvest’s modular, accessible, and compliant Investment-API that helps to make investing as easy as spending money.”

Rolandas Juteika, Head of Wealth and Trading (EEA), said:

‍‍“When looking at possible partners to offer access to ETFs and stocks listed in EEA markets to our European customers, Upvest was our preferred selected choice. They offered the infrastructure that enabled us to offer ETFs to our customers in a short time, just after our EEA trading entity operationalization was completed.” ‍

‍Partnering with a true global fintech powerhouse – Revolut & its challenge

Revolut, founded by Nikolay Storonsky and Vlad Yatsenko in 2015, is “building the world’s first global financial superapp to help people get more from their money.”

In 2015, Revolut launched in the UK, “offering money transfer and exchange.”

Today, more than 29 million customers and hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world “use dozens of Revolut’s innovative products to make more than 330 million transactions a month.”

Across Revolut’s personal and business accounts, they help customers “improve their financial health, give them more control and connect people seamlessly across the world.”

Following the successful launch of US listed stocks in March 2023, Revolut aimed “to further expand their wealth and trading offering with ETFs, followed by EEA listed stocks soon.”

Especially important to Revolut for such an offering “were fractional shares, which enable retail investors to participate in capital markets even with a lower budget.”

‍‍Upvest’s end-to-end solution “consists of a white-label investment platform that includes brokerage, settlement and custody for fractional investing and is fully customizable to Revolut’s brand.”

Revolut will offer its users “access to a broad range of ETFs and European stocks, while also being compliant with regulatory requirements across the EU.”‍

‍Revolut will “operate in Upvest’s Bring-Your-Own-Licence (BYOL) Omnibus setup.”

The setup allows them “to make use of their own investment firm licences, while relying on Upvest’s brokerage, settlement and custody functionality.”

‍One of the key advantages of working with Upvest is that Revolut will be “able to offer fractional investing with real securities, which is particularly appealing to retail investors, because they are the legal owners of the shares, benefiting from dividend rights and other corporate actions.”

This also resonates “with ESMA’s recent public statement on fractional shares to protect retail customers.”

Upvest is able to “offer fractional trading with real securities by making use of its brokerage and proprietary trading licences, granted by the German financial authority. By allowing customers to invest as little as 1 Euro,”

Revolut will be able “to attract a wide range of investors who might not have otherwise considered investing.”

‍Both parties will leverage Revolut’s existing payment setup to ensure no friction in the UX.

The Investment-API further “allows Revolut to use a single interface to access Upvest’s brokerage, settlement and custody services, keeping integration efforts on a minimum.”

The pan-European and flexible setup helps Revolut to rapidly “expand across the EU with European stocks and ETFs and offer new use cases while maintaining compliance with EU regulations.”

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