Cogito Protocol Partners with Unicorn Ventures, a VC Fund Focusing on DeFi, Metaverse, Blockchain Gaming

The team at Cogito Protocol is pleased to share their exciting new collaboration with Unicorn Ventures, a “community-backed” venture capital fund focusing on decentralized finance, metaverse, and blockchain gaming.

Together with their partner, they strive “to grow Cogito and their ecosystem’s adoption.”

They share a clear vision of “onboarding more people into the blockchain space with a deep understanding of its value proposition.”

Unicorn Ventures is a community-backed/private VC “with passionate supporters ready to empower the most promising projects.”

Cogito Protocol offers “a framework for the creation of decentralized assets called tracercoins. They are AI-driven and collateralized stablecoins soft-pegged to non-financial indices.”

This collaboration will “extend its influence across multiple areas, including community building, tracercoin adoption growth, education, and beyond.”

As noted in a blog post, Cogito Protocol offers “a new type of stablecoin, called tracercoins, that are linked to non-financial indices representing progress in social and environmental advancements and technological growth.”

They’re a complementary solution “to already existing stablecoin options.”

As explained in the update, Tracercoins increase “in value steadily and smoothly over time, incentivizing and rewarding progress and promoting sustainability. GCOIN tracks positive environmental progress, demonstrating long-term stable upward growth.”

Cogito’s ultimate goal is “to create a new economic system that aligns with humanity’s values of progress and well-being.”

Cogito Protocol offers a “stablecoin-as-a-service” framework to create digital assets with low volatility called “tracercoins” such that they act as complements to existing crypto stablecoin landscapes.

These digital assets are designed to offer stability without being directly correlated to traditional currencies or commodities. Instead, they are linked to non-financial indices that represent human progress, such as environmental and technological advancements.

This feature of tracercoins “makes their value determined by a vast array of macro data that reflects genuine progress.”

This means “that the value of tracercoins can provide a fair and independent measure of value, which is more effective and more resistant to manipulation than any other alternative.”

Cogito’s tracercoin tokens “are different from any other digital assets because they are specifically designed to increase in value smoothly and steadily over time, making them an attractive payment option for many.”

Along with tracercoins, the team has also “introduced a separate CGV governance token, which ensures transparency and fairness in the ecosystem.”

With Cogito, the possibilities for the future of digital assets are “endless,” the developers claims. By introducing a new way of measuring value and stability, Cogito says it is “paving the way for a more equitable and sustainable financial system for everyone.”

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