Sylon Asesores, a Registered Investment Advisor, Introduces Rivium with Alpaca to Make Investing More Accessible for Mexican Investors

Sylon Asesores, a registered investment advisor launches Rivium, in collaboration with Alpaca‘s advanced brokerage technology. This provides Mexican investors “with a user-friendly app that delivers a comprehensive and customized banking and investing experience.”

The platform reportedly “offers diverse investment products, including individual stocks, fractional shares, bonds, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, and commodities.”

Rivium, headquartered in Mexico City, “emerged from the founders’ Gonzalo Rivera and Gabino Fraga’s personal encounters with obstacles in the investment landscape.”

These obstacles “included traditional brokers demanding significant minimum deposits and the challenges posed by international apps with language barriers, limited features, and high fees.”

Motivated by their own experiences, they developed “a deep passion for dismantling such investment barriers and making finance more accessible and comprehensible.”

As noted in the update, Rivium’s mission is “to break down investment barriers and make investing more accessible.” Rivium says it aims “to empower individuals to participate in the global financial markets with ease and confidence.”

The company is dedicated “to providing transparent, user-friendly, and innovative solutions that promote financial inclusion, education, and long-term wealth creation.”

Through its platform, Rivium strives “to bridge the gap in the financial sector, empowering individuals to take control of their financial futures and achieve their investment goals.”

Rivium’s Key Features:

  • Robo-advisor: Automated, diversified investment portfolios.
  • Fractional shares: Invest in high-priced companies with less capital.
  • Investment products: US stocks and cryptocurrencies
  • Competitive fees: 1% commission, better foreign exchange rates.
  • \Financial education: Academy with finance, economics, and accounting resources.
  • Customizable portfolios: Tailor investments and create shared portfolios.
  • High-yield savings accounts: Help users grow wealth over time
  • Banking services: Cards, credit products, and more.

Rivium chose to partner with Alpaca “due to several key factors.”

Alpaca’s API-driven approach “ensured seamless integration with Rivium’s fintech platform, while its competitive pricing allowed Rivium to pass on cost savings to its users through commission-free trading.”

Alpaca‘s regulatory compliance and high level of trust “provided peace of mind for Rivium’s customers.” The innovative technology offered by Alpaca, “including features like fractional shares and automated investing, enhanced the investing experience.”

With Alpaca’s scalable platform and U.S. market access, Rivium gained “the infrastructure and opportunities to grow and provide Mexican investors with a broader range of investment options.”

The shared vision of democratizing access “to investing and cutting-edge financial solutions solidified the partnership.”

As covered, Alpaca is “a developer-first embedded financial technologies platform that’s raised over $100m in funding.”

Alpaca explains that it “offers crypto and stock trading, real-time market data, and end-to-end brokerage infrastructure through modern APIs.”

Alpaca says it is “backed by top investors in the industry globally, including Portage Ventures, Spark Capital, Social Leverage, Tribe Capital, Horizons Ventures, Unbound, Eldridge, Positive Sum, Elefund, and Y Combinator.”

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