Blockchain Platform Concordium, Aqualibre to Address Carbon Market Obscurity

Concordium, the Layer 1 science-backed blockchain creating a safer digital world, has announced an integration with Aqualibre, a carbon offset project that offers high-quality carbon offsets for business and enterprise.

Aqualibre will adopt Concordium’s Agora Impact Marketplace tooling, “an infrastructure for scaling safe and transparent carbon markets released this week.” The partnership ensures accurate reporting and verification of carbon offset activities, “addressing the lack of trusted transparency in the carbon offset market.”

Lars Seier Christensen, Chairman of Concordium, said:

“As carbon offsets become a necessary component of modern-day business practices, concerns surrounding their validity emerge. It is imperative that businesses making use of carbon offsets can prove and legitimize their efforts. That is why modern changes need modern technologies, and Concordium’s amalgamation with Aqualibre offers just that; a compact and accessible carbon offset verification tool. By leveraging the Agora Impact Marketplace, Aqualibre unlocks new avenues for transparency, efficiency, and impact.”

By placing carbon offsets on-chain, Aqualibre generates NFT (Non-Fungible Token) based certificates. For each certificate generated “through Aqualibre, Concordium creates a carbon offset serial number that can be easily tracked, traced, and traded.” These certificates grant businesses and individuals “the opportunity to easily purchase and interact with high-quality carbon offsets, ultimately reducing their environmental impact.”

Anthony Hooley, Founder of Founder Aqualibre Project, said:

“Concordium’s science-backed blockchain brings a new level of verifiability to Aqualibre’s credit standardization. The metadata uploaded through Concordium’s Agora Impact Marketplace enables the minting of NFTs for high-quality carbon credits, facilitating seamless trading. High-quality carbon credits come from activities that do not significantly contribute to social or environmental harms, aiding and encouraging a reduction in environmental impact. The projects Aqualibre works with are primarily in the voluntary carbon market, backing and advancing green technologies, meaning this partnership advances the credibility and application of vital carbon offset programs.”

Concordium’s Agora Impact Marketplace provides functionalities “for retiring, retracting, and redeeming NFTs, ensuring integrity and accountability.”

Aqualibra will utilize this technology “to deliver varying types of carbon standards for enterprises and individuals to use.” Aqualibre is currently aligned “to offset projects that use Article 6 carbon measurement compliance standards.”

As noted in the update, Aqualibre claims that it is “a leading carbon offset project in both digital transformation and development of new carbon methodologies.”

Their team has 30 years’ experience in “developing climate-change based projects.”

They claim to be leading the way “in climate-change solutions by assisting in development of new pollution-capturing technologies and the related issuance of high quality carbon credits. Our central focus is in building trust with our clients, delivering high quality carbon credits where unparalleled layers of audit are applied.”

Aqualibre has set up a framework “to deliver ESG centric solutions to our projects, ensuring transparent delivery of funds at Social and economic level for local communities. Transparency & trust, the key to building a better sustainable future.”

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