CBDC: INX, SICPA Introduce Nabatech, a Venture for Sovereign States Digital Currency Ecosystem

The INX Digital Company, Inc., a US-regulated broker-dealer, ATS, and transfer agent, announced the official launch of Nabatech, the joint venture created in partnership with SICPA, a global figure in authentication and secure traceability solutions.

Nabatech is a direct result of INX and SICPA’s collaboration “to aid governments and central banks worldwide in constructing pioneering sovereign digital assets ecosystems.”

The Swiss-incorporated joint venture “combines Decentralized Ledger Technology (DLT) infrastructure and digital identity technologies to fulfill critical Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) requirements – from security and privacy to resilience and financial inclusion.”

This initiative is set “to propel the establishment and launch of a secure and scalable framework for central banks to execute digital strategies.”

Itai Avneri, Deputy CEO & COO of INX, said:

“As we witness over 80% of the globe’s central banks contemplating the introduction of Central Bank Digital Currencies, the urgency to deliver a concrete strategy to tap into the immense potential of digital currencies is palpable. Collaborating with SICPA empowers us to deploy our comprehensive solution for wholesale and retail CBDC. Together, we are poised to champion the evolution of the global digital economy.”

In this endeavor, INX’s specialized CBDC and blockchain technologists “will join forces with SICPA’s digital team to create robust CBDC solutions and supporting ecosystems to fortify monetary sovereignty and amplify national GDPs.”

By intertwining their strengths, both entities anticipate setting new industry benchmarks in catering to central bank mandates “concerning privacy, oversight, scalability, inclusion, and programmability.”

Phillipe Amon, CEO and Chairman of SICPA, expressed:

“Our commitment to every solution we present is grounded in ensuring efficiency, inclusivity, security, and fostering genuine and privacy-preserving transactions. By joining forces with INX in this venture, we remain steadfast in upholding these core principles for the CBDC solutions, enriching the spectrum of monetary tools accessible to central banks.”

A partner and advisor to central banks around the world, SICPA has expertise “in authentication, identification and security solutions, strong digital capabilities, and extensive knowledge of the physical cash ecosystem that allows for the development of new innovative forgery-proof security features to protect monetary sovereignty.”

INX has established itself as a key player “in the tokenization of a diverse array of assets.”

INX is changing the way today’s companies and investors “are interacting with, and investing in, the digital economy, by offering the leading, fully-regulated trading platform for digital assets like security tokens, tokenized shares, cryptocurrencies and more.”

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