Web3 Adoption: OKX Ventures Invests in Aark Digital, dappOS, 0xScope, Covering L2 Derivatives, Operating and Knowledge Graph Protocol

During the past month, the crypto industry has experienced rapid growth.

OKX Ventures has identified several scenarios where significant progress has been made:

SocialFi has introduced “remarkable” products. Friend.tech has reportedly “generated over 10,000 ETH in revenue, with a TVL surpassing 30,000 ETH.” Their total fee income in September has exceeded that of Uniswap. This has contributed “to the growth of SocialFi projects, including Farcaster and various imitations of Friend.tech.”

These well-funded infrastructures “will support larger-scale SocialFi, GameFi, and all other applications.”

With the approval of the Ethereum ETF and “a daily trading volume exceeding 20 million, the Bitcoin spot ETF is within reach.” Considering the upcoming Bitcoin halving in April, as well as policy dividends and the industry cycle, their “confidence in the recovery of the crypto market is strengthened.”

Telegram has opened the entrance to “TON Space” and is building TON as a new gateway to Web3. The Ton ecosystem has recently “experienced explosive growth, with over 500 applications covering 16 tracks.” Despite the controversy surrounding the TON ecosystem, the new features for its 800 million monthly active users “are still worth focusing on.”

OKX Ventures has maintained “a constant focus on the industry and remains optimistic about the infrastructure, ETH ecosystem, DeFi, web3.0, and other sectors. In order to further boost the ecosystem, they have made direct investments in Aark Digital, DappOS, and 0xScope.”

Aark Digital

Project Overview

Aark Digital is a Peer-to-Pool perpetual DEX custom-built for professional traders on Arbitrum. It provides the ultimate solution for the pain points of perp DEXs.


Project Overview

dappOS is the first intent-centric operating protocol that aims to make dApps as user-friendly as mobile apps.

To onboard the next billion users onto Web3, user experience is crucial. However, current dApps are still too complex “for mainstream users.” Two main problems contribute to these barriers.

Essentially, the dappOS network functions “as an order system rather than a bridge. In terms of functionality, the real bridge service is part of order execution and is provided by server nodes.” Super nodes do not interfere “with how server nodes complete the tasks, which could be based on centralized exchanges (CEX), bridges, or any other solutions.”


Project Overview

0xScope is a data tool that aims “to democratize and decentralize access to Web2 and Web3 data. Additionally, 0xScope provides a comprehensive data pack that combines insightful on-chain data and non-standardized off-chain data.”

0xScope offers a set of B2B SaaS solutions and a B2C product called Scopescan. The 0xScope SaaS products empower businesses “to manage post-investment, make better investment decisions, understand user behavior, and closely monitor competitive moves. Scopescan allows crypto traders to investigate fund movements and activities on selected blockchains.”

As noted in the update, OKX Ventures is not a traditional financial investor. They not only provide funding, but also services and resources. They are committed “to growing with their startup partners.”

They not only discover excellent teams, products and innovative technologies, but “also enable excellent entrepreneurial projects.”

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