Rose Spinelli

The Ultimate Tip For Building A Great Crowdfunding Campaign

Anybody who knows my work probably associates me with my regular yammerings about the importance of good storytelling to make your crowdfunding campaign memorable enough that others want to contribute or share it. A good story may not be enough to take you to the… Read More

Pave: Savior or a New Kind of Bondage?

This is the first in a new category of blog posts for The Crowdfundamentals in which we detail and review crowdfunding platforms. When I first read about, the site that pairs “prospects,” people usually fresh out of college and freighted with hefty students loans,… Read More

Watch These Two Excellent Crowdfunding Pitch Videos

In advance of my “crowdfunding speed consulting” session with the film students I talked about in my previous post, I did a bit of homework hoping to help students work through an issue they encountered: How do you make a great video pitch about your film without giving… Read More

Text, Perks and Videos: The Mother Tongue of Crowdfunding

Recently I had the pleasure of addressing a talented group of film students who attend a media arts college in Chicago. They were assigned the task of running a crowdfunding campaign to pay for a portion of their “capstone” film. This is a progressive school…. Read More

Crowdfunding Isn’t Useless, and Here are Four Reasons Why

After journalist Noreen Malone’s controversial essay in The New Republic entitled “The False Promise of Kickstarter: Fund Me, I’m Useless” made its way through all the usual crowdfunding channels, a predictable kerfuffle ensued among crowdfunding enthusiasts that basically cast Malone as a bit of a… Read More

Crowdfunding Campaign a Bust? Regroup, Reassess and Relaunch

Happy Halloween! My blog page has been hinky lately. For example, I could see my most recent posts but others would see old tread I’d written weeks before. So as I happily reposted a new entry on various sites I’d discover later that what was… Read More

The Heart and Soul of Your Crowdfunding Campaign is You: How to Make Us Fall in Love with Your Project

Do you answer yes to two out of three of these questions? After reading a great article or book, you’ve been known to do a Google Image search of the author or the subject to see what that person looks like. You have become absorbed… Read More

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