Crowdfunding Campaign a Bust? Regroup, Reassess and Relaunch

Happy Halloween!

My blog page has been hinky lately. For example, I could see my most recent posts but others would see old tread I’d written weeks before. So as I happily reposted a new entry on various sites I’d discover later that what was showing up on others’ computer screens did not match up. One thing you don’t want to get is emails from people you know only virtually telling you that you’ve lured them under false pretenses. Amateur hour!

As I understand it, the problem was that I tried to get my WordPress theme to perform in a way it was not designed to do. Without going into geeky details that I myself do not even understand, when I first set up my site I had a technically inclined person remove the blog from the homepage, where it is supposed to live, and give it a separate page. But the permalink was the same for both. (Whatever that means.) So chronic problems ensued, which I believe have been corrected by a consummate professional. (Thank you Adam! You are a dream.)

Because of this I have not written a post is a while; I needed to regroup. I’d be wasting my time, my efforts for naught, if I kept writing posts that no one would see.

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