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Liquidators File Second Report Regarding Hacked Cryptocurrency Exchange Cryptopia, $7 Million Left

Representatives from Grant Thornton have published their Liquidator’s Second Report regarding collapsed New Zealand cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia. Just prior to its dissolution in May, Cryptopia had over 2.2 million registered users worldwide and 37 employees, Grant Thornton (GT) claims. Hackers are believed to have stolen… Read More

Kanoa Fail: In Ear Wireless Headphones Company Collapses as Review Slams Worst Headphones Ever

We have another contestant for the Hall of Shame when it comes to failed pre-sale campaigns. Kanoa, a company that was attempting to compete with Apple and bring wireless earbuds to market, shut down their company this week as they encountered a one two punch… Read More

Hidden Hub: 3rd Time Not a Charm: Crowdfunded Company Will Liquidate as Most Recent Project Fails

Hidden Radio was an early Kickstarter success. Co-founded by John Van Den Nieuwenhuizen and Vitor Santa Maria their very first rewards project raised over $930,000 for a stylish blue-tooth connected radio. Over 5300 backers signed up to receive one or more of the speakers. The response was… Read More

Did OnagoFly Turn Into OnagoFail? Backers Complain About Crowdfunded Drone Project

This is becoming a too consistent theme. Promising rewards crowdfunding project raises millions of dollars from thousands of backers only to deliver (if at all) a craptaculous product. In this case, it is the story of ONAGOFly – a drone project that raised $3,459,193 on… Read More

Claiming Manufacturing Problems & Rampant Copies, NuDock Begs Backers for More Money

SharkDesign launched their NuDock product on Indiegogo last year where it quickly raised over $780,000. The cool looking power station was perfect for Apple fans combining docks for an iPhone, Apple Watch, spare battery and an LED light to present everything like tech-art. As the… Read More

“Bitcoin Has Failed” States Prominent Bitcoin Expert Mike Hearn

“Despite knowing that Bitcoin could fail all along, the now inescapable conclusion that it has failed still saddens me greatly. The fundamentals are broken and whatever happens to the price in the short term, the long term trend should probably be downwards. I will no… Read More

Failed Kickstarter Midora to Offer Backer Refunds

Back in July 2014, developer Epic Minds launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds for its new 2D inspired video game, Midora. During its time on the platform, the initiative captured nearly $75,000 from over 3300 backers. Unfortunately, after nearly a year of developing, Epic… Read More

When a Crowdfunded Project Runs Out of Money

Robot Dragonfly Drone Fails to Take Flight There are plenty of examples of rewards-based crowdfunding campaigns that failed to deliver. It is part of the risk a backer shoulders when they commit their funds. Today, as the ecosystem has evolved, many projects are becoming more… Read More

Zuvo Water’s Indiegogo Campaign Almost One Year Late, Backers Seeking Refunds

Design to Matter has placed their name on two dubious crowdfunding campaigns. We reported on both in the Summer of 2013 and pointed out that the scenario raised some ethical questions about crowdfunding. Their first campaign, a Kickstarter for the Instacube, is actually said to… Read More

Omate Releases Images Of New Generation Smartwatch, Kickstarter Backers Go Ballistic

Pro tip: If you want to leak out pictures of your company’s new and improved smartwatch, make sure you don’t have a bunch of crowdfunding deliveries hanging over your head. This is the problem Omate is forced to deal with now. The following Facebook post… Read More

Kickstarter Project Creator Posts Video Of Himself Burning Backer Rewards: “I will not be shipping any more”

In May of 2012 a campaign for a printed book of web comics was fully funded, having raised $50,000 on a goal of $8,000. The web comics were hosted at PicturesForSadChildren.com. The book is called “Sad Pictures For Children.” Now the project has become a… Read More

PR Lead For Instacube Kickstarter To Detail Campaign’s Challenges At SXSW

Design To Matter’s crowdfunding campaign for the Instacube stands as a cautionary tale for would-be crowdfunding backers. After a successful $620,000+ raise on Kickstarter, the campaign has been mired with turnover, internal strife, delivery issues and refund requests. I also proposed that D2M’s involvement in another… Read More

Was Kickstarter Right To Turn Down Apigy & Lockitron?

Y Combinator-backed Apigy created Lockitron just as the connected home movement was really taking off. The company promised some pretty slick features. The device integrated with your home’s deadbolt and promised to allow things like remote unlocking from a smartphone. It was even said to have… Read More

Roxlou Games Kickstarter Failure Met With Support From Crowd

Crowdfunding failure isn’t always necessarily accompanied by crowd outrage and demands of refunds. This is proven in a recent series of backer updates from indie game developer Roxlou Games, and specifically from company founder Joe Houston. Roxlou and Houston turned to Kickstarter to fund a… Read More

Here’s Why Kickstarter Removes Failed Projects From Search Results

Did I ever mention I love Quora? I especially love Yancey Strickler’s presence on Quora, where he occasionally answers questions from the crowd regarding his crowdfunding platform – Kickstarter – and some of their practices and inner-workings. This week he answered the question of why… Read More

#Crowdfunding News Roundup: December 9, 2013

Quartz | 2014 is the year of the internet of things—no, seriously, we mean it this time The “Internet of Things” movement is alive and growing and Quartz predicts that things will really take off in 2014. Of course, crowdfunding stands to be front and center… Read More

Failed Kickstarter Creator Pleads: Stop “Showing Up At My Door”

Did the Creator of the Eventorbot Share a Glimpse Into Crowdfunding’s Dark Side? Frankfort, Illinois resident Duy Dang took to Kickstarter in September of 2012 seeking $25,000 in funding for something called the Eventorbot, described as an “open-source 3D printer.” Between September 12th and October… Read More

Half-Million Dollar Kickstarter For “Clang” In Death Throes

Subutai Corporation is a Seattle-based firm founded to “create stories, games, graphic novels and filmed entertainment in an integrated style.” One interesting factoid that likely helped draw backers into their Kickstarter campaign: famed American author and game designer Neal Stephenson is a co-founder. In a… Read More

Insane Indiegogo Campaign Offers Stake In Swiss Water Filter Company

On the short list of things you can’t do on rewards-based crowdfunding sites, offering any kind of stake in your company is pretty much tops. This hasn’t stopped one crowdfunder on Indiegogo from going full honey badger. The campaign seeks a million dollars on a… Read More

Team Behind Video Game ‘Precinct’ Cancels Second Crowdfunding Campaign

Earlier this month we brought you the story of Precinct, a video game that had a cancelled Kickstarter campaign to its name. The team behind the game had turned to WordPress crowdfunding plugin IgnitionDeck in order to roll their own funding platform solution. The team… Read More

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