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Vimeo Expands Crowdfunding Program

As part of Vimeo’s celebration of their one year anniversary announcing Vimeo On Demand, the company is announcing a $10 million investment fund for creators selling their work directly online. The funds will be used to provide creators of all levels and genres direct financial support and… Read More

Crowdfunding to Commemorate Internet Leader Aaron Swartz

The internet community pays tribute to Aaron Swartz by supporting crowdfunding initiatives in his memory. Free access to information was an important cause for Aaron, and Prepr Foundation is continuing his vision through their social open education community. Using crowdfunding, Prepr launched the Aaron Swartz… Read More

This Aaron Swartz Documentary Looks Amazing

My Netflix viewing history would tell you I’m a documentary nut. Color me excited, because this Kickstarter campaign aims to create a documentary about Aaron Swartz’s life and death and it looks fantastic. The video above is 10 minutes long, but the last 7 or… Read More

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