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“Lazer Team” Director Matt Hullum Confirms: Sequel to Start Filming in Late 2017 Spring (Video)

Less than one year after Indiegogo success Lazer Team hit theaters, director and producer, Matt Hullum announced filming for Lazer Team 2 is set to begin spring 2017 in Texas. The film received over $2.3 million during its crowdfunding campaign in 2014 and raised an additional $1 million in theatrical release… Read More

“Super Troopers’” Jay Chandrasekhar Sends Update on Sequel: It’s An Exciting Time

Less than a month after wrapping up the filming portion of Super Troopers 2, director and star Jay Chandrasekhar offered backers a quick update on the highly anticipated comedy’s progress. As previously reported, the production company Broken Lizard originally sought to raise $2 million for… Read More

Olga Kurylenko to Star Alongside Antonio Banderas in Equity Crowdfunded Film “Salty”

Olga Kurylenko has reportedly signed up to join the cast of the equity crowdfunding film, Salty. This news comes nearly two months after Antonio Banderas signed up to star in the upcoming movie. As previously reported, the project first appeared on SyndicateRoom in 2014. The offer allowed smaller… Read More

Indiegogo Success “Range 15” to Premiere in 550 Theaters Across the U.S.

Indiegogo success Range 15 is set to kick off in over 550 theaters across the U.S. on Wednesday. The film launched on the global crowdfunding portal back in 2015 and has since secured over $1 million. The creators, which are nine veterans, behind new movie The creators, which… Read More

UK Film Company Launches Seedrs Initiative to Secure £120,000 For A Movie Adaptation of Peter Flannery’s Novel “First And Only”

Seeking to bring Peter Flannery’s novel, First And Only, to the big screen, a UK-based studio with the same name as the book has launched a Seedrs initiative to raise £120,000 for the film’s production. The thriller, which was published through Amazon, has had over 60,000 downloads since its… Read More

Update: Kickstarter For Chuck Palahniuk’s “Lullaby” Film Adaptation Captures $250,000 Funding Target

With less than two weeks until its Kickstarter comes to an end, Chuck Palahniuk’s Lullaby film adaptation project has successfully secured its initial $250,000 goal. As previously reported, Oregon independent filmmaker, Josh Leake, and his team at Mindpollen Studios launched the Kickstarter initiative for the 2002 novel. Palahniuk is an American novelist and… Read More

Former “Power Rangers” Actors Team Up For Indiegogo-Funding Film “The Order”

KAsh Pictures, a Los Angeles production studio, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise $100,000 for the new film, The Order. The action-packed movie will star various actors of the hit TV series, Power Rangers.  The Order follows a group of vigilantes who often shadows… Read More

Actor Don Cheadle to Appear at the Cincinnati Premiere of Indiegogo Success “Miles Ahead”

This evening, actor Don Cheadle will be heading to Cincinnati, Ohio premiere of his Indiegogo project, Miles Ahead. The film was reportedly filmed in the city in 2014 and tonight’s even will be taking place at Esquire Theatre in Clifton. Academy-Award nominated actor launched a campaign on the… Read More

Erik Stolhanske of Indiegogo Success “Super Troopers 2” Unveils Pictures From International Beer Fest Competition

This week, Super Troopers star Erik Stolhanske offered up details about Super Troopers 2 Indiegogo perk, the International Beer Fest competition, which was held in Chicago last month. Stolhanske, who was known as “Rabbit” in the original film and now “Mink,” revealed in the campaign’s latest… Read More

“Gosnell Movie” Progress: Emmy-Winning Composers Begin Writing Film’s Music

Earlier this month, creators of the Indiegogo success, Gosnell Movie, announced that Emmy-winning composers Boris and Deeji Zelkin have officially started working on the film’s music. Back in 2014, producer Phelim McAleer, and his wife, Ann McElhinney, launched the campaign on the global crowdfunding platform, which aimed to… Read More

Original “Good Times” Cast Hits Kickstarter to Raise $1M For Full Length Reunion Movie

Earlier this month, the original cast of the hit 1970s series Good Times launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise a whopping $1 million so that they can create a full-length reunion movie. The show, which aired from February 1974 to August 1979, was a spin-off… Read More

“Bill Nye Film” Creators Offer Up A Production Update to Kickstarter Backers

Earlier this week, David Alvarado and Jason Sussberg, the filmmakers behind the upcoming Bill Nye Film documentary, announced a production update to their Kickstarter backers. The project surfaced on the crowdfunding portal last summer and slowly reached its initial $650,000 goal. By the end of… Read More

Brief: Arizona State University Dubbed Winner of the Blue Mountain State Movie College Contest

Following the release of Blue Mountain State: the Rise of Thadland, creator Eric Falconer announced Arizona State University as winner of the film’s college contest. During its run on Kickstarter, BMS enlisted universities across the country to support their project (and more than a few from outside the… Read More

Alan Ritchson Shares Details About Kickstarter Success “Blue Mountain State: Rise of Thadland”

With Blue Mountain State: Rise of Thadland set to be unleashed to the world tomorrow (February 2nd), Alan Ritchson sat down to discuss the highly anticipated film. Eric Falconer, the creator of the popular television series, launched a crowdfunding campaign in early 2014 to help… Read More

Indiegogo Success “Lazer Team” Premieres Next Week: Check Out Where & When to Watch

With less than a week until its sci-fi/comedy Lazer Team premieres, Rooster Teeth has released details on where and when fans can see it. The film first hit Indiegogo in July 2014 to raise $650,000 and within three days raised well over $1M. By the end of its crowdfunding… Read More

Lionsgate Unleashes Official “Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland” Trailer (Video)

Less than a week after Blue Mountain State: The Ride of Thadland’s first clip was released, entertainment giant Lionsgate unleashed the highly anticipated film’s official trailer. Eric Falconer, the creator of the popular television series, launched a crowdfunding campaign in early 2014 to help finance its feature-length film…. Read More

Broken Lizard Announce New “Super Troopers 2” Update

Broken Lizard, the studio behind the cult classic Super Troopers, recently offered up a new update for the film’s upcoming sequel. Earlier this year, Broken Lizard announced the sequel just 14 years after the first film’s release at the 2001 Sundance Festival. The crew revealed that… Read More

Creator of “Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland” Releases First Official Clip (Video)

Last week, Eric Falconer, the creator of Kickstarter success Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland, unveiled the film’s first official clip. Blue Mountain State, a popular television series that was apparently cancelled far too soon, launched a crowdfunding campaign in early 2014 to help finance its feature-length… Read More

Solo Theater: Home Theater (And Your Head) In A Box, Now Overfunding On Japanese Crowdfunding Platform Makuake

  While the crew behind a great movie may think outside the box to create the flick, the single-occupant Solo Theater, from Japanese design house Lucy Alter Design, means you can now watch a film in a box, using your smartphone or tablet–all by yourself. Now overfunding on Japanese platform Makuake,… Read More

A Crowdfunded Movie About Crowdfunding Now On DVD And VOD: ‘Capital C’

  When filming a documentary about crowdfunding, crowdfunding seems only natural as the way to fund it. Enter “Capital C,” among the first crowdfunded feature-length documentaries about crowdfunding–or as the tagline states, “Crowdfunding. Crowdsourcing. Bottle Koozies.” “Capital C” successfully raised $84,298 with 586 backers on Kickstarter. For the documentary, filmmaking… Read More

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