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Kickstarter Celebrates #MuseumWeek By Looking Back at Eight Memorable Collaborations

In celebration of this year’s #MuseumWeek, crowdfunding giant Kickstarter revealed its top eight most memorable collaboration it has done with various institutions throughout the world. The Kickstarter team shared: “In the nearly seven years we’ve spent helping new creative projects come into the world, we’ve seen… Read More

London’s Royal Academy Launched Kickstarter to Bring Ai Weiwei’s Trees to Its Grounds

Seeking to honor Chinese artist, Ai Weiwei, London’s Royal Academy of Arts (RA) has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $155,025 so that it can bring his tree sculptures to the Annenberg Courtyard from September to December 2015. The Royal Academy of Arts (RA) states that… Read More

Ai Weiwei Calls Out Film Director As Kickstarter Content is Removed

Dealing with some drama surrounding a famous Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, controversial Chinese actor Ai Weiwei is reportedly locked into a little bit of a spat with director  Jason Wishnow over the independent film “The Sandstorm,” a ten-minute movie about a smoggy, futuristic China where water… Read More

Ai Weiwei Secretly Shot A Sci-Fi Film And It’s Funding On Kickstarter

Chinese artist and cultural activist Ai Weiwei is at the center of a currently-running Kickstarter campaign seeking funding for an upcoming sci-fi film. Shot in secret, The Sand Storm has already met a goal of $33,000 and seems set to eclipse that by orders of… Read More

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