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Smithsonian Unveils Neil Armstrong’s Gloves & Helmet One Year After Kickstarter Launch

Just one year after launching its Neil Armstrong Spacesuit Kickstarter campaign, the Smithsonian announced the unveiling of the famous astronaut’s space gloves and helmet exhibit. As previously reported, the organization announced in June 2015 it has teamed up with Kickstarter to help fund a few… Read More

Kickstarter Celebrates #MuseumWeek By Looking Back at Eight Memorable Collaborations

In celebration of this year’s #MuseumWeek, crowdfunding giant Kickstarter revealed its top eight most memorable collaboration it has done with various institutions throughout the world. The Kickstarter team shared: “In the nearly seven years we’ve spent helping new creative projects come into the world, we’ve seen… Read More

Smithsonian Institute’s Neil Armstrong Spacesuit Project Finishes Kickstarter Run

Well, it’s official: The Smithsonian’s first crowdfunding campaign has officially ended… and it was a success! The organization announced last month that it has teamed up with Kickstarter to help fund a few projects. The first initiative was dedicated to Neil Armstrong’s famous spacesuit. The Smithsonian… Read More

Smithsonian’s Neil Armstrong Spacesuit Kickstarter Nears $600,000; Chris Hadfield & Adam Savage Reveal What’s Next For the Project (Video)

Continuing to gain more support for its Neil Armstrong spacesuit project, the Smithsonian has successfully raised nearly $600,000 on Kickstarter thanks to over 7,500 backers. The project hit the crowdfunding platform last week with a mission to raise $500,000 to bring the famous spacesuit back… Read More

The Smithsonian Institution Surpasses $500,000 Goal For Neil Armstrong Project in Five Days on Kickstarter

Earlier this week, famous learning and research institution, The Smithsonian, announced that it has joined forces with crowdfunding giant Kickstarter to raise funds for various projects. Kickstarter declared on its blog: “Kickstarter is a place that honors creativity, past and present. We celebrate creators who… Read More

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