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European Union Loophole Might Allow Banks to Circumvent ECB’s Crypto Supervision, Banking Professional Claims

European Union rules and guidelines for protecting the financial system from risks due to cryptocurrency transactions reportedly come with a loophole that enables banking institutions to circumvent certain safeguards, and these must be addressed immediately, according to the European Central Bank‘s chief supervisor Andrea Enria…. Read More

European Banking Authority Publishes its Fintech Roadmap

Following in the footsteps of the European Commission’s Fintech Roadmap, the European Banking Authority (EBA) has released its opinion as to how to best foster and promote Fintech adoption. The EBA’s Fintech Roadmap is the result of a recent consultation as to how the Authority… Read More

Head of European Banking Authority Says the Regulate and Restrict Approach to Fintech is Ineffective

Let Fintech Innovation Reign The Head of the European Banking Authority, Andrea Enria, delivered a fascinating speech last week in Copenhagen. Enria addressed the challenge of appropriate regulation when it comes to innovation in finance. Fintech needs freedom to grow and evolve and slapping on… Read More

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