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European Banking Authority Posts Final Standards for Pan-European Crowdfunding Providers

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The European Banking Authority (EBA) has posted the “final technical standards” pertaining to European crowdfunding platforms. The release of the standards has long been anticipated and is affiliated with the European Union enacting pan-European securities crowdfunding rules. New regulatory standards were revealed in November of… Read More

European Banking Authority (EBA) Introduces Central Database for AML/CFT

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The European Banking Authority (EBA) has introduced its central database for anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing (AML/CFT). This European reporting System for material CFT/AML weaknesses, EuReCA, will be key to coordinating ongoing efforts by relevant authorities and the EBA to prevent and combat money laundering… Read More

European Banking Authority Releases Machine Learning Discussion Paper

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The European Banking Authority (EBA) has released its discussion paper on machine learning “used in the context of internal ratings-based (IRB) models to calculate regulatory capital for credit risk.” As noted in the announcement, the stated aim of the discussion paper is to clearly establish… Read More

Here is the EBA’s Regulatory Technical Standards for European Crowdfunding Providers

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The European Banking Authority (EBA) has published its Final Report on draft Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) specifying the information that crowdfunding service providers offering individual portfolio management of loans shall provide to investors in relation to the method to assess credit risk, and on each… Read More

European Banking Authority Publishes Document Addressing Crowdfunding and Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing Risk

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The European Banking Authority has published a document that addresses anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorist financing (CFT) when it comes to crowdfunding. The guidelines for crowdfunding platforms are incorporated into the Final Report “on customer due diligence and the factors credit and financial institutions should… Read More

European Banking Authority to Allow Banks to Include Software based Assets in their Capital Requirement Estimates

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The European Banking Authority, a regulatory body of the European Union that’s headquartered in Paris, has revealed plans to allow banks to include software-based assets in their capital requirement calculations. This should help lenders with strengthening their safety buffers, the agency noted. At present, banking… Read More

European Draft Regulation of Crypto-Assets Seeks Innovation Friendly Approach as Usage of Blockchain in Financial Services Grows

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Draft regulation crafted by the European Commission that pertains to crypto-assets (digital assets) and blockchain tech in financial services has surfaced on the web. Final legislation has been anticipated at some point this month as European policymakers seek to foster an “innovation-friendly” approach that assures… Read More

European Banking Authority Tells European Commission to Pick Up the Pace in Facilitating Cross Border Banking, Payments & More

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The European Commission is well known for talking a lot but, at times, doing very little. The Europea Banking Authority is out with a report today telling the Commission to pick up the pace when it comes to cross border activity in banking, payments and… Read More

Everybody Wants it: Survey Indicates that 97% of Merchants Want Open Banking as Provided by PSD2

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A recenty survey indicates that merchants are very interested in Open Banking. While the topic started as an esoteric policy goal with few people really understanding what it meant, a report from Sentenial/Nuapay indicates popular interest exists and that 97% of merchants are already looking… Read More

European Banking Authority Announces New Deadline for Payment Security Rules

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The European Banking Authority (EBA), a regulatory agency that performs stress tests on European banks to increase transparency in the region’s financial system and identify weaknesses in institutions’ capital structures, has extended the deadline for the migration to Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) to December 31,… Read More

Fintech Sandboxes & Innovation Hubs: European Report Outlines What’s Working Now

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A joint report by the European Securities Markets Authority (ESMA), the European Banking Authority (EBA), and the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA), addresses the topic of Fintech Sandboxes, the approach by regulators to partner with emerging Fintech firms by creating a safe place… Read More

Here is the European Banking Authority Report on Crypto Assets

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Last week, on the same day the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) published a report on digital assets sharing their perspective with the European Commission (EC), the European Banking Authority (EBA) did the same. The EBA said that crypto-asset-related activity in the EU is… Read More

European Banking Authority Report on Fintech: Distributed Ledger Tech a Bright Light for Trade Finance Though Challenges Remain

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  The European Banking Authority (EBA), charged with harmonizing banking across the EU, has devoted 13 pages of its latest 56-page Fintech report to assessing two potential use cases in banking for “distributed ledger technology” (DLT, although sometimes called “blockchain”). And while its not all… Read More

European Banking Authority Publishes its Fintech Roadmap

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Following in the footsteps of the European Commission’s Fintech Roadmap, the European Banking Authority (EBA) has released its opinion as to how to best foster and promote Fintech adoption. The EBA’s Fintech Roadmap is the result of a recent consultation as to how the Authority… Read More

Head of European Banking Authority Says the Regulate and Restrict Approach to Fintech is Ineffective

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Let Fintech Innovation Reign The Head of the European Banking Authority, Andrea Enria, delivered a fascinating speech last week in Copenhagen. Enria addressed the challenge of appropriate regulation when it comes to innovation in finance. Fintech needs freedom to grow and evolve and slapping on… Read More

European Supervisory Authorities Join in Issuing Warning to Consumers Regarding Risk of Buying Cryptocurrencies

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The European Supervisory Authorities (ESAs), including the ESMA, EBA, and EIOPA have issued a pan-EU warning to consumers regarding the risks of buying cryptocurrencies. The ESAs are concerned that consumers are buying virtual currencies or “VCs” oblivious to the intrinsic risk including heightened volatility and the fact… Read More

ESMA, MiFID and the Post-Brexit Future of Europe’s Capital Markets Union

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  Recently, the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) held its first ever conference in Paris. The event underlined the growing importance of ESMA, the European Supervisory Authority for capital markets. Along with the European Commission and the Parliament, ESMA is one of the pillars… Read More

European Banking Authority Adds Fintech to Work Program

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The European Banking Authority (EBA) has a mission of working towards a single regulatory and supervisory framework for the European Union member states. The goal is to make things simpler for consumers and businesses to operate across the EU. As the digitization of banking and… Read More

European Banking Authority Opinion on Debt Based Crowdfunding

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The European Banking Authority (EBA) has been engaged with internet finance for some time recognizing the importance of crowdfunding to their industry. The EBA is an independent EU authority that strives to ensure effective regulation across Europe – a bit of a tall task.  Across… Read More

European Banking Authority’s Response to EC Consultation Paper on Crowdfunding

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This one falls under the category of recently discovered. The European Banking Authority (EBA) published a response to the European Commission’s consultation paper on crowdfunding way back in December of 2013.  Now we probably would not even publish this because people change as do opinions,… Read More

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