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AR Wear’s Indiegogo Campaign Ends Fully-Funded

AR Wear’s Indiegogo campaign ended in the overnight hours and did manage to be fully funded by the time all was said and done. This despite some serious backlash in the press and in the blogosphere over what some were calling the “modern-day chastity belt.”… Read More

#Crowdfunding News Roundup: November 14, 2013

Entrepreneur | Crowdfunding Without Kickstarter Entrepreneur’s Michelle Goodman interviews Cameron Robertson, co-founder of Lockitron and one of the men behind the decision to open-source Selfstarter for other companies looking to crowdfund. He explains some of the benefits of using Selfstarter over other rewards-based crowdfunding solutions…. Read More

#Crowdfunding News Roundup: November 12, 2013

The Guardian | The problem with anti-rape underwear AR Wear’s crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo has certainly sparked a lot of controversy. Here The Guardian‘s Women’s Blog likens these anti-rape garments to a “modern-day chastity belt.” The piece goes a long way toward describing some of the vitriol… Read More

Petition Launched Asking Indiegogo To Remove Anti-Rape Underwear Campaign

A petition has been launched on Care2.com in an effort to get Indiegogo to remove a controversial campaign for anti-rape underwear. The petition was launched by Care2 user Sue Lee. The associated Indiegogo campaign sparked controversy as many took issue with the insinuation that underwear… Read More

Anti-Rape Garment Company Crowdfunding On Indiegogo Sparks Controversy

We featured AR Wear anti-rape garments in a recent Saturday Crowdfunding Mailbox feature. The line of garments are built with an underlying “skeletal structure” that prevents garment removal without the use of a special tool. They resist cutting and tearing, essentially promising a garment that… Read More

Crowdfunding Mailbox: Fright Fight, BatteryBot, Function and Form & AR Wear

After a very busy week in the world of crowdfunding where there was an avalanche of crowdfunding regulations it is time for something a little less heavy.  This week’s episode of Crowdfunding Mailbox we have four crowdfunding campaigns.  Three from Kickstarter and a single Indiegogo… Read More

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