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Estonia-based Crypto Trading Platform DX.Exchange Halts Operations Following a Petition Submitted by Company Employees

The company behind an Estonia-headquartered, Nasdaq-powered digital currency exchange DX.Exchange is reportedly halting its operations, after a petition submitted by its workers. CX Technologies, the Israeli firm that had been managing DX.Exchange’s operations, entered bankruptcy after 78 employees filed a petition against the exchange with… Read More

The Government Answers if the Public Asks: Korean Petition on Cryptocurrency Tops 200,000 Signatures Necessary to Compel the Government to Respond

South Korea has veered off track in allowing digital currencies to grow and evolve. Frightened by the rapid rise in Bitcoin trading and speculation, public officials have been raiding exchanges, banning anonymous accounts, and threatening to ban cryptocurrencies altogether. As the South Korean government moved… Read More

Change.org Unveils New Crowdfunding Feature

On Thursday, petition website Change.org announced the launch of its new crowdfunding features. This news comes just after the website confirmed it has surpassed 150 million users worldwide. Ben Rattray, CEO and founder of Change.org, stated it will now allow users to raise funds for topics they are… Read More

Backers of Shark Suit Indiegogo Project Launch Change.Org Petition After Campaign Organizer Fails to Provide New Updates

Earlier this year, Katy Perry’s Super Bowl performance, which featured dancing sharks, took the Internet by storm and inspired environmentalist David Lam to launch a campaign on Indiegogo to create costumes for fans everywhere. This was also to raise funds for the World Wildlife Fund, Wildlife Conservation Society… Read More

Petition Launched Asking Indiegogo To Remove Anti-Rape Underwear Campaign

A petition has been launched on Care2.com in an effort to get Indiegogo to remove a controversial campaign for anti-rape underwear. The petition was launched by Care2 user Sue Lee. The associated Indiegogo campaign sparked controversy as many took issue with the insinuation that underwear… Read More

Angel Investor Launches Online Petition Urging Changes To Rule 506(c)

Ahead of the official lifting of the ban on general solicitation slated for September 23rd, angel investors are becoming more vocal in their opposition to choice parameters of the new rule. A recent petition launched on ipetition.com targets three specific aspects of the rule that… Read More

Citizinvestor Finds Small Change Leads To Better Results For Petition Section

Citizinvestor is a crowdfunding platform with a separate section dedicated to ideas and petitions. Project creators can pitch their ideas to the crowd in exchange for “signatures” in the form of a digital thumbs-up from backers. The section, formerly called Citizinvestor Petitions, has been rebranded… Read More

I-Canada Alliance Has Petition in Support of Canadian Crowdfunding

I-Canada Alliance, a non-profit group advocating Canadian global leadership through ultrafast communication along with economic growth, innovation and prosperity –  also advocates crowdfunding.  At a point last year the prominent organization posted a petition in support of Canadian investment crowdfunding and continue to request signatures… Read More

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