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Crowdfunding Platform ArtistShare Submits Recordings for Consideration to the 58th Grammy Awards Following Kickstarter Lawsuit

Following its never-ending legal battle with Kickstarter,  crowdfunding platform ArtistShare has moved on and announced that it submitted recording for consideration to the 58th Grammy Awards. ArtistShare offered up seven new fan-funded recordings for consideration in the 58th Grammy Awards. Its previous recordings have received… Read More

Kickstarter Wins Crowdfunding Patent Lawsuit Against ArtistShare

Kickstarter has achieved a major victory in federal court today, marking the end of a four-year-long patent dispute. In 2011, ArtistShare, which was founded Brian Camelio, was issued a patent for “Method and Apparatuses for Financing and Marketing a Creative Work,” claiming “a system and method for… Read More

Crowdfunding Patent Battle Between Kickstarter & ArtistShare Nears End. Judge Set to Rule on Creation of Crowdfunding

Three years ago, crowdfunding leader Kickstarter became embroiled in a legal battle with musician and creator of website ArtistShare, Brian Camelio. Now it looks like the battle of who invented (or at least controls the intellectual property) crowdfunding is finally about to come to end…. Read More

Crowdfunding: what it is and why it’s important

Think of a crowd. Think of a mob. Think of a mass. The collective nouns for ‘people’ mostly come with negative connotations because, in the English language at least, such large groups are regarded apprehensively. If a third party talks about a crowd’s ‘mind’, then… Read More

Kickstarter: the crowdfunding site that wants to spark a creative revolution in the UK

Time was, in the olden days, that in order to create a video game, or fund a film or album, or make a comic, you needed a generous and deep-pocketed patron, or a corporation behind you which thought there was something – profit, in other words… Read More

Maria Schneider ready to make a big splash

The jazz orchestrations of Maria Schneider are the musical equivalent of soufflés from a master chef. Gently penetrating and remarkably resourceful, they yield textures that are often light and feathery, but inlaid with a piquant array of swirling flavors that she resolves in a smooth,… Read More

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