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Watch: We’re Sorry, Zach Braff (Humor)

Another round of Zach Braff fun (Thanks for the tip guys!).  This is perfect for a Friday afternoon, heading into a long weekend. Crowdfunding humor by the same guys that created “Don’t Back Zach Braff“.  So this is a sequel … of sorts.  They are… Read More

INFOGRAPHIC: Crowdfunding Platform Analysis

Vertical Measures and Erin Pritchard recently released this infographic that does a nice job of visually outlining some of the differences between a handful of the most popular crowdfunding sites on the net. I think this also does a nice job of highlighting the flexibility… Read More

Crowdfunding Mailbox: Hole-In-The-Wall, FiveFtTwo (Kids Toys!), Tek Recon, Drink Vita-V Juice and Feed Children in Africa

The crowdfunding campaigns below are all very cool and interesting today.  These are just a selection of the few we have received recently.  A great western pilot on Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, an amazing kids toy, a cool “video game in real life”… Read More

Crowdfunding: what it is and why it’s important

Think of a crowd. Think of a mob. Think of a mass. The collective nouns for ‘people’ mostly come with negative connotations because, in the English language at least, such large groups are regarded apprehensively. If a third party talks about a crowd’s ‘mind’, then… Read More

TV show crowdfunding platform Mobcaster reaches $100k in project fundraising

Talk about intersecting trends: Mobcaster is pinpointing TV distribution, crowdfunding, and original programming production with its platform. And turning TV over to masses may be onto something, as Mobcaster has now raised over $100k for its hosted projects. Television distribution is a point of digital… Read More

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