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Glyph Mobile Personal Theater Closes at $1.5 Million on Kickstarter

Glyph Mobile Personal Theater plus Audio closed their crowdfunding round on Kickstarter this past week having raised $1,509,506 from 3,331 backers. The hardware from Ann Arbor, Michigan based Avegant now stands as one of the most successful rewards based crowdfunding campaigns of 2014.  Glyph set… Read More

Glyph Mobile Personal Theater Leaps $250K Goal in 4 Hours on Kickstarter

Glyph, a portable headset that creates a virtual retinal display and claims to create “sharp, stark images unlike you’ve seen before”, rocketed out of the gate on Kickstarter last week easily topping their quarter million goal.  It took just 24 hours for the crowdfunding campaign… Read More

On Kickstarter: Avegant Glyph Destroys Crowdfunding Goal In Under 48 Hours

Back in December, we noticed that there was a lot of hype around the Avegant Glyph and a forthcoming Kickstarter campaign that would accompany the launch of the device. It seems the hype was well-warranted, because in under 48 hours the Glyph has more than… Read More

Avegant Glyph VR Headset Headed To Kickstarter January 2014, See Why Everyone’s So Hyped

6This could be big. Oculus VR launched the Oculus Rift on Kickstarter and went on to grab almost $2.5 million in funding. Some are saying that Avegant’s upcoming Glyph headset could surpass it. After watching the following hands-on video from Engadget, we can see why…… Read More

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