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Digital Bank N26 Introduces Instant Savings Account, Offering Spanish Clients Competitive Interest Rates on Deposits

The digital bank N26 announced the launch of its new N26 Instant Savings account in Spain, offering eligible customers “with a Spanish IBAN 2.26% AER (2,26% NIR) on deposits with no conditions of permanence, no minimum deposit amounts required, no additional fees, and no need… Read More

Moody’s: Deposits Jump from Small Banks to Large Ones, Some Flee the US

Moody’s has distributed a report on deposits held in US banks showing that the Federal Reserve’s H.8 data, which presents an estimate of the weekly aggregate balance sheet for the US banking system, released last Friday (March 24), showed a shift in deposits from small… Read More

USDT Stablecoin Market Cap of $51B+ Now Exceeds Insured Deposits at Most US Banks, Quarterly Report of Tether Reserves Expected Soon

Tether (USDT), the world’s largest stablecoin (or digital asset that’s supposed to be backed 1-to-1 with major fiat currencies like USD and cash equivalents) now claims a market cap of over $51.7 billion at the time of writing (according to available data). Notably, Tether (USDT)… Read More

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