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Staking on Ethereum Network Captures Significant Attention Since “The Merge” – Report

As a fundamental aspect of validating and securing proof of stake (PoS) blockchains, staking on the Ethereum network has captured significant attention since “The Merge,” according to an extensive report from Coin Metrics. The Coin Metrics team notes in their weekly report that currently, over… Read More

Digital Assets Market Poised for Mainstream Adoption, Anticipated Launch of a Spot ETF Stands as Milestone in Bitcoin’s History – Report

Kyle Waters and Tanay Ved from Coin Metrics noted that digital assets rebounded sharply in 2023 as market conditions “improved across the board and institutional interest accelerated alongside the impending launch of a spot Bitcoin ETF.” Looking to 2024, there are a number of important… Read More

Digital Assets Industry Primed for a Phase of Maturation and Expansion – Research Report

In their State of the Network report, Coin Metrics is examining the major developments that shaped the digital assets industry in 2023 through a “data-driven lens.” After a challenging 2022, this past year “brought a number of positive developments across the ecosystem, from new institutional… Read More

Bitcoin and Crypto Mining Sector Growing Steadily with Over a Dozen Publicly-Traded Mining Firms – Report

In the State of the Network report, Coin Metrics continues their focused series on Bitcoin mining, spotlighting data across the crypto mining ecosystem. According to the Coin Metrics update, mining stands as “one of the most intriguing parts of the digital assets industry, often capturing… Read More

Digital Assets: Dollar Cost Averaging within Crypto-Asset Market has Shown Strategy Helps Manage Volatility – Report

Chess Strategy

Dollar cost averaging (DCA) has become a key strategy for investors navigating the “unpredictable realms” of digital assets, according to an update shared by Coin Metrics. Coin Metrics explains that this approach “involves regularly investing a fixed amount, regardless of the current market cycle—a simple… Read More

Blockchain Infrastructure Adoption, Ethereum L2 Networks, 2024 Bitcoin Halving Are Potential Crypto Market Drivers – Report

thought-catalog unsplash Bitcoin Ethereum Cryptocurrency

Coin Metrics has provided a data-driven look at the most “important” developments that have significantly impacted the digital assets industry from Q3 2023. With Q3 in the books, Coin Metrics reflects on the notable developments and trends shaping digital asset markets as we transition “into… Read More

Bitcoin and Crypto Mining Stocks Rebounded in 2023 Alongside BTC Price, But Other Long-Term Challenges Remain – Report

Parker Merritt and Kyle Waters from Coin Metrics have provided a close examination of the current Bitcoin mining landscape through the lens of their extensive data. Despite a flat BTC market in the back half of Q3 as spot ETF chatter quieted, hashrate continued “to… Read More

Decentralized Finance: DeFi Lending Offers Certain Benefits, But Also Poses Risks, Report Explains

Tanay Ved, Lucas Nuzzi & the Coin Metrics team have examined the various features and risks associated with DeFi lending in an extensive report. The researchers at Coin Metrics noted that “over the years, the digital asset ecosystem has spawned diverse use-cases.” Among them, decentralized… Read More

Stablecoin Report: Serving as Backbone of DeFi Apps, Stablecoins May Further Permeate Everyday Financial Activities

The researchers at Coin Metrics have shared an update, titled, “Decoding the Digital Dollar: Unraveling the Risks of Stablecoins.” Lucas Nuzzi and Kyle Waters from Coin Metrics have noted that earlier this month, the U.S. House Committee on Financial Services convened “to discuss proposed legislation,… Read More

Coin Metrics Takes Data-Driven Look at Digital Asset Markets, XRP After Milestone Ruling in US SEC vs. Ripple

Coin Metrics has taken a data-driven look at digital asset markets after a milestone ruling in the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) v. Ripple Kyle Waters and Matias Andrade Cabieses from Coin Metrics noted in a detailed report that we’ve witnessed a significant development… Read More

Bitcoin Supply Increased by Only 1.8% in 2021, Ethereum EIP-1559 Considered Largely Successful, Coin Metrics Reports

thought-catalog unsplash Bitcoin Ethereum Cryptocurrency

Kyle Waters and Nate Maddrey from Coin Metrics have noted that after a “transformative” 2021 marked by all-time highs for most of the major digital assets and “key on-chain metrics,” expectations are now quite high for the crypto and blockchain space this year. In their… Read More

Ethereum Experiences Burst of New User Adoption in Q3 due to NFTs, Bitcoin Records Steady Gains: Report

The team at Coin Metrics, including researchers Nate Maddrey and Kyle Waters have released their State of the Network Q3 2021 wrap-up report. In the latest edition of the State of the Network report, the Coin Metrics team has taken a data-driven look at what… Read More

KPMG has Been Awarded Patent for Chain Fusion, a Suite of Analytics Capabilities for Crypto-Asset Data, Infrastructure Products

KPMG has been awarded a patent for Chain Fusion. KPMG LLP confirms that the patent was provided by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for Chain FusionTM, which is a suite of advanced analytics capabilities developed on crypto-asset data and infrastructure products. The solution… Read More

Ethereum Gas Prices Decrease Significantly, Active ETH Addresses Now Also Less than Active BTC Addresses: Report

Nate Maddrey and the other researchers at Coin Metrics note that Ethereum (ETH) gas prices have dropped down to their lowest levels since March, of last year. Although a few months back, average gas price consistently reached 150-200 GWEI, the average gas price has now… Read More

Average Bitcoin Network Block Times Drop Back Below 20 Minutes, but Still Abnormally High: Report

Nate Maddrey and the Coin Metrics research team notes in their latest State of the Network report that the cryptocurrency markets plummeted again this last week after more news surfaced about stricter Chinese regulation, including the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) instructing the nation’s financial… Read More

Remittance Payments to El Salvador can be Improved by Using Bitcoin or Other Crypto Rails Instead of Regular Money Transfers: Report

Nate Maddrey and the other researchers at Coin Metrics have shared their latest State of the Network Report. Published on June 15, 2021, the report from Coin Metrics notes that on June 9, 2021, the El Salvador Congress introduced a bill that officially made Bitcoin… Read More

DogeCoin Trading on Binance Briefly Surpassed BTC, ETH Volumes in May, while Ethereum Volume Exceeded Bitcoin on Coinbase: Report

Nate Maddrey and the Coin Metrics research team noted that during the past month, Ethereum (ETH) trading volumes have been catching up with Bitcoin (BTC) volume on Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange. Although Bitcoin led by a significantly large margin at the start of… Read More

Recent Bitcoin, Ethereum, Wider Crypto Market Crash Was “Big Test” for Nascent Stablecoin Market: Report

The cryptocurrency market has really been tested during the past few weeks following “a cascade of negative news,” the Coin Metrics team notes in its latest report. The resulting crypto market price crash has also been “a big test” for stablecoins, which are becoming a… Read More

New Crypto Market Entrants After Tesla’s $1.5B BTC Purchase May Have Sold their Bitcoin Holdings to Stronger Hands: Report

Nate Maddrey and the Coin Metrics research team notes that during the past two weeks, crypto was hit by a “double tsunami” of seemingly negative news. Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk announced that Tesla would no longer be taking Bitcoin payments while adding… Read More

Bitcoin Price Decline Not Completely due to Elon Musk’s Tweets, as Crypto Investors Turn to Small Cap Altcoins: Report

Nate Maddrey and the Coin Metrics team have noted in their latest State of the Network Report that after Elon Musk helped drive the Bitcoin (BTC) price to around $60,000 (three months back), he’s now managed to send the volatile digital currency markets in the opposite… Read More

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