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Taiwanese Crowdfunding Project Stair-Rover Skateboard Hits $700K on ZecZec

Taiwanese designer Po-Chi Lai recently launched a longboard project called the Stair-Rover on the Taiwanese-based crowdfunding website zeczec.  The campaign has quickly surpassed its goal, securing $700K in funding from over 1500 supporters.   According to zeczec, the campaign is one of the biggest crowdfunding projects… Read More

Boosted Boards Rolls on FundersClub

Boosted Boards, the ultraportable longboard electric vehicle company, has listed on “venture capital” investment crowdfunding platform FundersClub. Financial details have not been disclosed for this accredited only crowdfunding campaign. At a measly 8 pounds in weight and 20 mile top speed with hill climbing ability to boot,… Read More

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