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FundersClub Incorporates Investing in Startups via Self Directed IRA’s

FundersClub is rolling out a new feature that that will allow any accredited individual to invest in startups via a self-directed IRA account. A “self-directed” IRA account means that the investor, as the individual account owner, has complete control over selecting and directing his or her own individual retirement investments…. Read More

FundersClub’s Boris Silver Shares Tips For Founders Seeking Funding

As a co-founder of FundersClub, Boris Silver knows a thing or two about startups and raising money. The crowdfunding platform has facilitated over $10 million in funding for startups to date. FundersClub is only open to accredited investors. Companies that have secured funding via FundersClub… Read More

Perspective: AgFunder On General Solicitation

General Solicitation - Advertising

Recently a founder of FundersClub posted their stance on the [U.S. Congress and] SEC’s lift of the ban on general solicitation. While we respect Alex, Boris and the rest of the team and what they’ve accomplished, we were troubled by the apparent use of fear tactics in… Read More

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