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Crowdcube Success LOVESPACE Moves to New London Headquarters; Unveils JustGiving Campaign For Cancer Research

Continuing to expand its distinctive storage business, Crowdcube success and 2014 Startup’s Crowdfunded Business of the Year Award winner, LOVESPACE, announced it has moved its headquarters from Kennington, South London, to the City. The company, which was founded by Streetcar co-founder and entrepreneur Brett Akker, won the award in… Read More

Catalan BioTech ZeClinics Secures Record Funding on Capital Cell, 2015’s Largest Spanish Biotech Crowdfunded Investment

The Catalan company ZeClinics, supported by the University Pompeu Fabra of Barcelona and and Barcelona Biomedicine Research Park (PRBB) reached its crowdfunding campaign goal  on Capital Cell,  a campaign that set the record for the the year’s largest biotech crowdfunding investment in Spain.  The company is prevalued at 1M€.  After 88… Read More

Riboxx Pharmaceuticals Secures Nearly €600K on Seedmatch, Overfunds by 597%

With the help of 518 backers and 58 days remaining on its Seedmatch campaign, Riboxx has secured over € 597K in funding for its startup valued at € 9,616,000. Riboxx has evolved since its founding five years ago as a spinoff from the Medical Faculty of… Read More

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