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Join the Waiting List: Cere Token Offering Quickly Sells Out on Republic

The Cere token offering on Republic has quickly hit its max funding target of $26.3 million according to the offering page. The security token offering reportedly went live at 10 AM ET this morning to intense demand – investor interest was so robust it was… Read More

Republic Swamped By Demand for Cere Token Offering, Investors Cranky as Queue is Huge

Republic’s Cere token offering kicked off mere minutes ago but it appears that Republic may have underestimated demand. The website is posting a Cloudflare notice that indicates tens of thousands of people are waiting to access the site. Republic anticipated a strong response to the… Read More

Republic Labs Participates in $5 Million Private Round for Cere Network (CERE), a Decentralized Data Cloud Platform

Cere Network (Cere), which claims to be the first Decentralized Data Cloud (DDC) platform, recently announced a $5 million private round and the official launch of their platform to application developers. Republic Labs, part of Republic, syndicated the deal. The $5 million round included the… Read More

Cere Network Partners with Blockchain Firm Harmony to Secure Personally Identifiable Information and Link to Fragmented Data Economy

Cere Network revealed on February 18 that it has formed a strategic partnership with Harmony in order to secure personally identifiable information (PII) and link to a fragmented data economy by “co-innovating” with Harmony’s developers and their zero-knowledge proving (ZKP) system.  According to a press… Read More

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