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Republic Blows the Doors off of April Raising Record $46.6 Million Across all Exemptions

Republic, a top investment crowdfunding platform, has booked a record month according to an email from the company. Republic is a full-stack investment marketplace offering securities under the various US exemptions along with crypto offerings. Republic reports that during the month of April, the platform… Read More

Republic Swamped By Demand for Cere Token Offering, Investors Cranky as Queue is Huge

Republic’s Cere token offering kicked off mere minutes ago but it appears that Republic may have underestimated demand. The website is posting a Cloudflare notice that indicates tens of thousands of people are waiting to access the site. Republic anticipated a strong response to the… Read More

Doug Ellenoff Comments on Updates to the Exempt Offering Ecosystem. Momentum in SPACs Expected to Continue

  Doug Ellenoff, the Managing Partner of Manhattan law firm Ellenoff, Grossman and Schole (EGS), has been involved with the Fintech sector since the early days of the JOBS Act – the legislation that eventually legalized investment crowdfunding. He is not only deeply engaged with… Read More

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