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Democrat Senators Demand Answers from Binance, Tell CZ to Provide Documentation by Next Week

Senators Elizabeth  Warren, Chris Van Hollen, and Roger Marshall have joined in sending a letter to Changpeng “CZ” Zhou, demanding information pertaining to the operations of Binance, the crypto exchange he founded. The three Senators request that CZ provide “information regarding growing concerns over the finances,… Read More

Audit Firm Mazars Bails on Binance Proof of Reserves Statement

Mazars, an international accounting firm, has pulled its proof of reserves report on Binance, according to multiple reports. Mazars apparently has halted all work on crypto platforms. Mazars has yet to issue a statement on its decision. Most recently, Mazars posted a Proof of Reserves… Read More

Senate Hearing: Kevin O’Leary Slams Binance Calling it an “Unregulated Monopoly”

The Senate Banking Committee hearing on FTX, taking place today, has extended the discourse on the collapse of what was once one of the largest crypto exchanges in operation. While not involving any current FTX employees, testimony and perspective are being provided by four different… Read More

Report Claims Binance Sees Billions in Withdrawals, CZ Claims FUD

The rising concern of more enforcement actions targeting crypto exchanges is taking a toll on the world’s largest centralized operation Binance, according to a report by Reuters.  Citing data provided by Nansen, it is being claimed that Binance has experienced $1.9 billion in withdrawals in… Read More

Feds Debating Criminal Charges Against Binance: Report

Federal prosecutors are debating whether or not to file charges against the world’s largest crypto exchange – Binance, according to a report by Reuters. The US Department of Justice is undecided as to if they should pursue criminal charges against Binance, with an ongoing investigation… Read More

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