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Blockchain Firm Nansen Integrates with Sei to Offer Onchain Analytics

Nansen has reportedly integrates with Sei in order to provide on-chain analytics in the Sei Ecosystem. Nansen notes in a blog post that their integration of Sei will aim “to unlock onchain insights for their community.” Nansen said they are please to announce their integration… Read More

Blockchain Data Analytics Platform Nansen Shares Latest Product Updates

Blockchain firm Nansen has shared their quarterly updates including a range of new blockchain integrations and features to give clients a market edge. As the first quarter of 2024 comes to a close, Nansen says that they are pleased by the crypto market’s growth. Over… Read More

Blockchain Adoption: Nansen and Mantle to Provide Insights into Their Ecosystem

Nansen has recently announced a new partnership with Mantle in order to deliver key insights into their ecosystem. In a blog post, Nansen confirmed their latest collaboration with Mantle Network, to deliver informative insights into the Mantle Ecosystem. Nansen said they are pleased to unveil… Read More

Nansen to Provide Onchain Analytics and Data to Aptos Ecosystem

Nansen announces their partnership with the Aptos Foundation in order to bring advanced on-chain analytics and data to the Aptos ecosystem. The teams are pleased to announce their new partnership with the Aptos Foundation, which is dedicated to providing best-in-class onchain data and analytics to… Read More

Nansen Says Crypto Prices Could be Challenged as There’s a 10-20% Probability that Inflation Re-Accelerates Post Fed-Pivot

As the end of the year approaches, the Nansen team has shared key insights on higher-probability scenarios poised to take center-stage in 2024. In line or consistent with prevailing sentiment, which leans toward positive scenarios for crypto in 2024, Nansen says that their outlook remains… Read More

Blockchain Firm Nansen, Sixdegree to Provide Onchain Insights to DAOs, Institutional Market Participants

Nansen, a provider of on-chain insights for crypto investors and teams, is pleased to announce a partnership with Sixdegree, a crypto-native onchain research firm that specializes in incentive optimization for protocols to enhance user growth. This collaboration aims to “bolster the crypto industry by granting… Read More

Is PYUSD a Flop So Far? Nansen Says Few People Using PayPal’s Dollar Based Stablecoin

Earlier this month, PayPal (NASDAQ:PYPL), a top publicly traded Fintech, announced the launch of a dollar-based stablecoin PayPal USD or PYUSD. The stablecoin is being issued in partnership with Paxos, a top, regulated digital asset firm. Stablecoins are one of the most promising sectors of crypto…. Read More

Blockchain Data Analytics: Nansen, TRON to Deliver Deeper Insights into On-Chain Activity

Nansen recently announced their partnership with TRON in order to provide on-chain insights to their ecosystem. The team is pleased to work with TRON, which claims to be “one of the leading blockchain networks by TVL and activity.” TRON’s low fees and fast transaction speeds… Read More

Web3 Adoption: Nansen to Provide Benefits for Google Cloud’s Web 3.0 Startup Program

Utilizing Nansen‘s suite of products, projects in Google’s Web3 startup program can leverage on-chain data to stay ahead of the competition and navigate uncharted waters. Nansen, a blockchain data analytics platform, will be working with Google Cloud in order “to provide real-time, high-quality blockchain data… Read More

Blockchain Adoption: Nansen, NEAR to Enhance On-Chain Insights in the NEAR Ecosystem

Nansen recently announced their partnership with NEAR protocol in order “to provide on-chain insights to their ecosystem.” The team says they are pleased to announce their collaboration with NEAR, “a growing Layer-1 blockchain, to provide advanced analytics for ecosystem developers and investors.” This latest cooperation… Read More

Nansen Says Story Not Over for USDC as Institutional Money Exits

Circle’s dollar-based stablecoin USDC lost its dollar peg last week after the firm revealed that $3.3 billion in reserves were locked up at Silicon Valley Bank (NASDAQ:SIVB). At one point, USDC dropped by around 12% as holders ran for the exits. After the US government… Read More

Stablecoins: USDC Held on Binance Jumps, Nansen Predicts USDT to Grow More

The stablecoin market has emerged as a big target for US regulators. Following the news that BUSD, Binances’s dollar-based stablecoin managed by Paxos, was being targeted by regulators, industry observers began to wonder which shoe would drop next. According to crypto analyst firm Nansen, wallets… Read More

Nansen Provides Details on Funds Moving from Alameda

Funds have been on the move from Alameda Research wallets – mostly in small amounts with the majority being combined into two digital wallets prior to being sent to FixedFloat/ChangeNow. This is according to a report by Martin Lee at Nansen – a blockchain analytics… Read More

Audit Firm Mazars Bails on Binance Proof of Reserves Statement

Mazars, an international accounting firm, has pulled its proof of reserves report on Binance, according to multiple reports. Mazars apparently has halted all work on crypto platforms. Mazars has yet to issue a statement on its decision. Most recently, Mazars posted a Proof of Reserves… Read More

Nansen Provides Updated Binance Token Outflows: $3 Billion in 24 Hours

Nansen, a crypto and blockchain data provider, has sent over a graph of crypto outflows taking place on Binance. The visual charts activity from September 14, 2022 to December 13, 2022. According to Nansen, from the last 6 months to the last 24hrs, Binance’s withdrawals… Read More

Report Claims Binance Sees Billions in Withdrawals, CZ Claims FUD

The rising concern of more enforcement actions targeting crypto exchanges is taking a toll on the world’s largest centralized operation Binance, according to a report by Reuters.  Citing data provided by Nansen, it is being claimed that Binance has experienced $1.9 billion in withdrawals in… Read More

Blockchain Data Analytics Platform Nansen Launches Dashboard for Avalanche to Provide NFT Data Insights

Nansen, the blockchain data analytics platform, has announced the launch of a new dashboard for Avalanche which will “provide extensive NFT market overviews and related data.” Year to date, the NFT-related activity on AVAX has “become a dominant source of activity on its c-chain.” According… Read More

Blockchain Analytics Firm Nansen Announces New Investment and Data Integration with APY.vision

Nansen, the blockchain data analytics platform, announced that it will be “participating in an ongoing seed round for leading DeFi data platform APY.vision.” To coincide with its seed investment, Nansen will also be “completing a third-party data integration – one of the first times Nansen… Read More

Nansen Scores $75M Series B, Attracts Tiger Global, Andreessen Horowitz as Investors

Nansen, a blockchain data analytics platform, has raised a $75 million Series B round led by Accel. GIC, Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), Tiger Global, and SCB 10X are among the VCs and angel investors who also participated in the round. This funding will be used to… Read More

Blockchain Analytics Platform Nansen Announces Upcoming Solana Integration

Nansen, the blockchain data analytics platform, has announced an upcoming integration with Solana, a high-performance blockchain supporting builders with developing crypto apps that scale. Scheduled to go live in Q1 2022, the Solana dashboards on Nansen should give users the option to carefully explore some… Read More

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