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For public charter schools, crowdfunding can be a challenge

When the weather’s nice enough, students at Cesar Chavez Public Charter Schools for Public Policy’s Prep Campus in Washington’s Columbia Heights neighborhood walk single-file up Kenyon Avenue through a narrow alleyway into the Bruce Monroe Community Park — a public park — for recess. …… Read More

VIDEO: An Interview With Chris Camillo On Investment Crowdfunding

The Street recently interviewed Chris Camillo and he was able to share some of his thoughts about how to pragmatically approach investment crowdfunding as an everyday investor. Mr. Camillo is an angel investor and author of the book Laughing at Wall Street. Watch the interview… Read More

A crowdfunding champion says ‘Happy Birthday JOBS Act’

As an angel investor who hears pitches from ambitious entrepreneurs daily, I know that crowdfunding will not be some fad, a blip in era of social networking. I also know that crowdfunding is not about number crunching, technical indicators and fueling yet another tech bubble—there… Read More

The Crowdfunding Solution: If the Government Can’t Fix the Economy… Maybe Entrepreneurs Can

Texas State Capital Building in Austin

I often write about the brave and innovative entrepreneurs in Texas, but that is only because they are working overtime to lead by example in the startup community. We have a history of strong and successful leaders who paved the way for the future of… Read More

Crowdfunding Anticipation Swells

Equity crowdfunding may eventually grow to be a $300 billion industry, as a well-known venture capitalist predicted last year, but there are high hurdles to jump, experts say. Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures suggested last May that crowdfunding eventually would take massive market share from… Read More

Crowdfund Texas Gathering: Optimistic about Future of Crowdfunding

Tuesday’s Crowdfund Texas Conference, held at the Omni Hotel in downtown Austin, attracted 235 industry luminaries, state officials, and aspiring entrepreneurs to the one-day event hosted by Texas super angel investor and Laughing at Wall Street author Chris Camillo. In partnership with the Crowdfunding Professional Association (CfPA)… Read More

Top Ten Issues Raised at Texas Crowdfunding Conference

The CrowdfundTX Conference featured an impressive assemblage of crowdfunding leaders from around the country. Organizer, Chris Camillo who sits on the board of the Crowdfunding Professionals Association, noted that bringing this group of “speakers together may never happen again.” The conference kept participants glued to their… Read More

Crowdfund Texas Commences Tuesday in Austin

Crowdfunding industry event, Crowdfund Texas, will take place  on Tuesday, January 8th in Austin, Texas.  Organized by the Crowdfunding Professional Association (CFPA), Start Up Texas / Start Up America and Chris Camillo (Crowd of Angels). The day long event will feature a wide range of topics… Read More

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