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Citizenvestor Offers Phased & Matching Project Types

Citizinvestor, a crowdfunding platform for government projects in the United States crowdfunding project page, becoming the first platform to offer “Phased” and “Matching” project types to its unique customers. “Even though new crowdfunding platforms pop up every day, the classic crowdfunding project page has changed little,” said Tony DeSisto,… Read More

Crowdfunding site Citizinvestor hits goal for Tech Goes Home project

Crowdfunding site Citizinvestor has helped fund its first Boston project, Tech Goes Home, which will give blind students iPads and instruction on how to use them. I first profiled Citizinvestor, which is based in Florida, last month when I profiled new ways cities are investigating funding civic projects, but… Read More

Improving Cities Through Crowdfunding (Audio)

Crowdfunding — where capital is raised online by many “micro-philanthropists” rather than a few big investors — is leveling the playing field for start-ups and investors alike. We speak to Jordan Raynor, co-founder of Citizinvestor, a crowdfunding platform for civic projects, about his venture and… Read More

The crowdfunding space is getting crowded, presenting more and more opportunities for community-based design patronage.

The three-year-old crowdfunding website Kickstarter could very well be called a design incubator. Of 75,000 total project launches, the “design” category ranks third overall in dollar haul, and other categories like fashion and publishing easily overlap into the design disciplines. In this vibrant online community,… Read More

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