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Citizinvestor Releases Connect, a New SaaS Product to Empower Citizens to Crowdfund for their Community

Citizinvestor, the US crowdfunding platform for government projects, today announced a white-labeled software product called Citizinvestor Connect. The product will provide government entities with the tools needed to work directly with citizens as they propose, prioritize, and crowdfund public goods. Since launching in September 2012, Citizinvestor… Read More

Citizenvestor Offers Phased & Matching Project Types

Citizinvestor, a crowdfunding platform for government projects in the United States crowdfunding project page, becoming the first platform to offer “Phased” and “Matching” project types to its unique customers. “Even though new crowdfunding platforms pop up every day, the classic crowdfunding project page has changed little,” said Tony DeSisto,… Read More

How A Rhode Island Town Used Crowdfunding For A Public Works Project

Central Falls, Rhode Island Director of Economic Development Shares Insights For Other Cities Looking To Crowdfund Public Projects In the wake of the financial crisis, budgets at all levels of government have tightened. Words like “sequester” are now a part of our common, everyday lexicon…. Read More

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