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Plexal, Europe’s Largest Innovation Hub, Set to Open this Month

Plexal, soon to be Europe’s largest innovation hub, is scheduled to open on June 12th.  Plexal will be home to an astounding 800 startups and corporate organizations as it becomes another building block in UK’s innovation based economy. Plexal will be based at Here East… Read More

Lawrence Wintermeyer in as New CEO of Innovate Finance

Lawrence Wintermeyer has been selected as the new Chief Executive Officer of Innovate Finance while founding CEO Claire Cockerton exits. Innovate Finance was launched with much fanfare in 2014, along with the verbal support of Chancellor George Osborne, in the recognition of the UK’s growing role… Read More

Claire Cockerton, Founding CEO of Innovate Finance and Chairwoman of Entiq, Talks FinTech Innovation

  Web search results for “Claire Cockerton” will have her bio featured on one of Europe’s largest technology accelerators, financial services conferences or a listing of women in fintech (to name a few) – providing a snapshot of what her LinkedIn profile confirms: Claire is a serial entrepreneur and… Read More

Innovate Finance Honors Women in Finance as it Holds Inaugural Event in London

Innovate Finance, a new organization that represents the fast growing FinTech sector in the United Kingdom, is holding its inaugural conference today in London.  The summit will discuss the impact of new innovative FinTech firms on the traditional financial industry.  Innovate Finance is expected to… Read More

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