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Inside Crowdfunding Ep. 1: Tubestart’s Josef Holm On Monetizing Digital Video With Crowdfunding

On this week’s episode of Inside Crowdfunding, we interview Tubestart co-founder and CEO Josef Holm to get more information about his crowdfunding platform for YouTube content creators. We also discuss Tubestart’s new charity-related initiative and Holm’s recent ReelSEO article about MCNs participating in the crowdfunding… Read More

Brief: Proposed Rules For Equity Crowdfunding Hit The Federal Register Today

The proposed rules for equity crowdfunding hit the Federal Register today, which means that the 90 day public comment period for crowdfunding effectively began today. (Despite the fact that comments have been collected up to this point.) The comment period will run until February 3rd,… Read More

Quoted: Public Comments Coming In On Proposed Rules

As public comments on proposed equity crowdfunding rules begin to become available, here are a selection of interesting quotes from these comment letters. Of course, not all are 100% happy with the proposed rules coming out of the SEC. One very important feedback/comment I would… Read More

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