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Inside Crowdfunding Ep. 1: Tubestart’s Josef Holm On Monetizing Digital Video With Crowdfunding

On this week’s episode of Inside Crowdfunding, we interview Tubestart co-founder and CEO Josef Holm to get more information about his crowdfunding platform for YouTube content creators. We also discuss Tubestart’s new charity-related initiative and Holm’s recent ReelSEO article about MCNs participating in the crowdfunding… Read More

Chive Nation Proves A Powerful Crowdfunding Syndicate In Ottawa

TheCHIVE is a hugely popular web site organized around sharing all things good in the world. You may have seen their ubiquitous KEEP CALM and CHIVE ON shirts adorned somewhere near you. If you didn’t know what they were, now you do! One local faction… Read More

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