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Krowdster Launches New Revenue Stream Program for Crowdfunding Professionals

  Crowdfunding analytics, optimization and promotional tool, Krowdster, recently launched an affiliate program for crowdfunding consultants and publishers. The new project reportedly capitalizes on Krowdster’s explosive growth. Since opening for business nine weeks ago, the unique Krowdster web app has racked up more than 2000 active users…. Read More

Tubstart Expands Partner Program Aiding Crowdfunding for YouTubers

Tubestart, a crowdfunding & content development platform for digital video creators, has expanded their popular partner program to a total of 7 YouTube Multi Channel Networks incuding Fullscreen and latest additions Machinima, Paragon and Flix Digital. Tubestart’s partner program offers creators and partner networks access… Read More

Watch: TubeStart Talks Crowdfunding Strategy For YouTube Creators

Yesterday YouTube-centric crowdfunding platform TubeStart held a Google Hangout discussing crowdfunding in a YouTube context. The Hangout lasted just under an hour and provided answers to a handful of relevant questions. TubeStart’s Claude Shires and Kirsten Zastrow ran the session. They provide some sobering, pragmatic… Read More

Brief: TubeStart To Host Google Hangout For YouTube Crowdfunders

Tomorrow YouTube content creator crowdfunding platform TubeStart will begin a new weekly tradition by holding a Google Hangout. It’s called the “Weekly Crowdfunding Crash Course for YouTube Creators,” which tells you just about all you need to know. If you’re on YouTube and you’re interested… Read More

Inside Crowdfunding Ep. 1: Tubestart’s Josef Holm On Monetizing Digital Video With Crowdfunding

On this week’s episode of Inside Crowdfunding, we interview Tubestart co-founder and CEO Josef Holm to get more information about his crowdfunding platform for YouTube content creators. We also discuss Tubestart’s new charity-related initiative and Holm’s recent ReelSEO article about MCNs participating in the crowdfunding… Read More

TubeStart Offers Free Crowdfunding For Charities & Nonprofits

TubeStart is offering to help 501(c)(3) organizations by allowing charities and nonprofits to crowdfund on their platform for free. Any organizations interested in taking advantage of this offer are encouraged to contact TubeStart. More information on how to do so is available on TubeStart’s web… Read More

Making Money From YouTube: How Crowdfunding Can Fill The Gap

Imagine netting over a million YouTube views in a month and getting paid as little as $50 for that accomplishment. That is the reality Jack Conte, half of the music group Pomplamoose, spelled out in a recent interview with Upstart Business Journal. Pomplamoose has over… Read More

Brief: YouTube Crowdfunding Platform TubeStart Offers Google Analytics Integration

TubeStart recently announced the addition of Google Analytics functionality that will allow crowdfunders using their platform to track their campaign activity using one of the world’s most popular free analytics suites. You can track traffic to your campaign page, see where visitors are coming from,… Read More

Crowdfunding Platform for Video Creators “TubeStart” Partners with “Fullscreen”

With over 3 Billion Monthly views, 15,000 YouTube Channels, 200 Million Subscribers and 25,000 creators – Fullscreen is a YouTube network powerhouse.  Fullscreen has now announced multiple partnerships for their “Sign In With Fullscreen” feature which integrates an ecosystem of third party applications including the… Read More

TubeStart Offers Royalty Crowdfunding for Video Creators

TubeStart is a crowdfunding platform dedicated exclusively to to online video creators officially launched this past August.   The company announced this week their intent to roll out royalty-based crowdfunding to its users pending implementation of Title III (i.e., unaccredited) crowdfunding rules by the Securities and Exchange… Read More

TubeStart: 6 Ways To Steer YouTube Traffic To Crowdfunding Campaigns

TubeStart just launched a few weeks ago as a crowdfunding platform geared specifically toward YouTube content creators. The platform hopes to close the revenue gap many YouTubers are left with once YouTube and owner Google takes 45% of advertising revenues. TubeStart CEO Josef Holm recently… Read More

TubeStart Officially Launches Crowdfunding Platform For YouTubers

We recently brought you the story of TubeStart, an innovative crowdfunding platform with four funding models available for YouTube content creators. The platform officially launched from beta today. The platform has a host of campaigns in the early stages of seeking funding. The two to… Read More

TubeStart: Four Ways For YouTubers To Crowdfund Money From Fans

Subscription-based & pledge-based crowdfunding models could provide a new & exciting means of monetizing video content for YouTubers YouTube is a disruptive force in the world of video content and has long provided a means by which video content creators can monetize their hard work…. Read More

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